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2007 Buick Lucerne Manual

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3. Press the set/reset button to scroll through and select the appropriate variance zone. Navigate to one of the trip/fuel menu screens to view the direction the vehicle is moving. This will be shown in the top right corner of the DIC display. 4. If you need to calibrate the compass, use the compass calibration procedure. See "Compass Calibration Procedure" following. To calibrate the compass, use the following procedure: Compass Calibration Procedure 1. Before calibrating the compass, make sure the compass zone is set to the variance zone in which the vehicle is traveling. See "Compass Variance Procedure" earlier in this section. 2. Press the vehicle information button until the PRESS V TO CALIBRATE COMPASS screen is displayed. 3. Press the set/reset button to start the compass calibration. 4. The DIC will display CALIBRATING: DRIVE IN CIRCLES. Drive the vehicle in circles at less than 5 mph (8 km/h) to complete the calibration. The DIC will display CALIBRATION COMPLETE when the calibration is complete. Compass Calibration The compass can be manually calibrated. Only calibrate the compass in a safe location where driving the vehicle in circles is not a problem. If "CAL" should ever appear in the DIC display, the compass may need calibration. 220

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2007 Buick Lucerne Manual