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Main Menu Table Of Contents Playing a PC card (EX-L model with navigation system) The specifications for compatible WMA files are: Sampling frequency: 32/44.1/48 kHz Bitrate: 48/64/80/96/128/160/192 kbps Compatible with variable bitrate and multi-session Maximum layers (including ROOT): 8 layers In WMA format, DRM (digital rights management) files cannot be played. If the system finds a DRM file, it skips that file and plays the next available folder or file. Loading a PC Card PC CARD SLOT Insert a PC card straight into the slot. The drive will read the PC card and begin to play it. Return the screen to the upright position by pressing the CLOSE button on the edge of the screen panel. Push the AUDIO button beside the screen to show the audio display and operate the PC card player. The PC card slot is behind the navigation screen. To use the PC card player, press the OPEN button beside the screen. The screen folds back, and the PC card slot appears. You can also operate the audio system without using the control icons on the audio screen. Press any of the appropriate control buttons. The status bar appears on the bottom of the screen. On the navigation screen, you can see the audio information whenever you touch the AUDIO INFO icon on the screen. 200 2009 CR- V

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2009 Honda CR-V Manual