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2004 Hyundai Santa Fe Manual

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6 DO-IT-YOURSELF 24 G220B01A-AAT MAINTENANCE POWER STEERING FLUID LEVEL G230A03A-AAT Checking Engine Cooling Fan The engine cooling fan should come on automatically if the engine coolant temperature is high. Recommended Fluid Use PSF-3 type fluid NOTE: Do not start the engine when the power steering oil reservoir is empty. G240A01A-AAT G220C01A-AAT POWER STEERING HOSES Checking Condenser Cooling Fan The condenser cooling fan should come on automatically whenever the air conditioning is in operation. G230A01O The power steering fluid level should be checked regularly. To check the power steering fluid level, be sure the engine is "OFF", then check to make certain that the power steering fluid level is between the "MAX" and "MIN" level markings on the fluid reservoir. It is suggested that you check the power steering hose connections for fluid leakage at those intervals specified in the vehicle maintenance schedule in Section 5. The power steering hoses should be replaced if there is severe surface cracking, pulling, scuffing or worn spots. Deterioration of the hose could cause premature failure. G250A01A-AAT NOTE: Grinding noise from the power steering pump may be heard immediately after the engine is started in extremely cold conditions (below - 4°F). If the noise stops during warm up, there is no abnormal function in the system. It is due to a power steering fluid characteristic in extremely cold conditions. FOR MORE INFORMATION YOUR HYUNDAI ABOUT If you desire additional information about maintaining and servicing your Hyundai, you may purchase a factory Shop Manual at your Hyundai dealer's parts department. This is the same manual used by dealership technicians and while it is highly technical it can be useful in obtaining a better understanding of your car and how it works.

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2004 Hyundai Santa Fe Manual