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2005 Hyundai Accent Manual

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1 FEATURES OF YOUR HYUNDAI 88 B260D04O-AAT 1. Playing CD o Insert the CD with the label facing upward. o Insert the CD to start CD playback, during radio operation. o When a disc is in the CD deck, if you press the CD button, the CD player will begin playing even if the radio is being used. o The CD player can be used when the ignition switch is in either the "ON" or "ACC" position. 4. SCAN Button o Press the SCAN button to playback the first 10 seconds of each track. o Press the SCAN button again within 10 sec. when you have reached the desired track. NOTE: o If the CD does not operate properly or if the ER2 fault code is displayed, use one of two methods to reset the CD deck function. - Remove the audio fuse for 5 minutes. Then, reinstall the audio fuse. - Diconnect the negative terminal of the battery and wait 5 minutes. Then, reconnect the negative battery terminal. o To assure proper operation of the unit, keep the vehicle interior temperature within a normal range by using the vehicle's air conditioning or heating system. o When replacing the fuse, replace it with a fuse having the correct capacity. o The preset station frequencies are all erased when the car battery is disconnected. Therefore, all data will have to be set again if this should occur. o Do not add any oil to the rotating parts. Keep magnets, screwdrivers and other metallic objects away from the tape mechanism and head. o This equipment is designed to be used only in a 12 volt DC battery system with negative ground. 5. REPEAT Button o To repeat the track you are currently listening to, press the RPT button. To cancel, press again. o If you do not release RPT operation when the track ends, it will automatically be replayed. This process will be continued until you push the button again. 2. FF/REW ( / ) If you want to fast forward or reverse through the compact disc track, push and hold the FF ( ) or REW ( ) button. When you release the button, the compact disc player will resume playing. 6. EJECT Button When the EJECT button is pressed with a CD loaded, the CD will eject. 3. TRACK UP/DOWN o The desired track on the disc currently being played can be selected using the track number. o Press once to skip forward to the beginning of the next track. Press once to skip back to the beginning of the track.

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2005 Hyundai Accent Manual