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2006 Hyundai Sonata Manual

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DO-IT-YOURSELF MAINTENANCE 6 23 G200B01NF-AAT Replacing Accessory Fuse 2. Open the fuse box and examine each fuse. Remove each fuse by pulling it toward you (a small "fuse puller" tool is contained in the relay and fuse box of the engine room to simplify this operation). 3. Be sure to check all other fuses, even if you Good Burned out G200B02L G200B01NF-A The fuse box for the lights and other electrical accessories will be found on the left side of the instrument panel. Inside the box you will find a list showing the circuits protected by each fuse. If any of your car's lights or other electrical accessories stop working, a blown fuse could be the reason. If the fuse has burned out, you will see that the metal strip inside the fuse has burned through. If you suspect a blown fuse, follow this procedure: 1. Turn off the ignition and all other switches. ! G200B02NF CAUTION: find one that appears to have burned out. 4. Replace the blown fuse by pressing a new fuse of the same rating into place. The fuse should be a snug fit. If it is not, have the fuse clip repaired or replaced by a Hyundai dealer. If you do not have a spare fuse, you may be able to borrow a fuse of the same or lower rating from an accessory you can temporarily get along without (the radio or cigarette lighter, for example). Always remember to replace the borrowed fuse. A burned-out fuse indicates that there is a problem in the electrical circuit. If you replace a fuse and it blows as soon as the accessory is turned on, the problem is serious and should be referred to a Hyundai dealer for diagnosis and repair. Never replace a fuse with anything except a fuse with the same or a lower amperage rating. A higher capacity fuse could cause damage and create a fire hazard. NOTE: See page 6-36 for the fuse panel descriptions.

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2006 Hyundai Sonata Manual