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DO-IT-YOURSELF MAINTENANCE 6 27 HEADLIGHT AIMING ADJUSTMENT G290A03O-AAT Before performing aiming adjustment, make sure of the following. 1. Keep all tires inflated to the correct pressure. 2. Place the vehicle on level ground and press the front bumper & rear bumper down several times. Place vehicle at a distance of 118 in. (3m) from the test wall. 3. See that the vehicle is unloaded (except for full levels of coolant, engine oil and fuel, and spare tire, jack, and tools). Have the driver or equivalent weight placed in driver's seat. 4. Clean the headlight lenses and turn on the headlights (Low beam). 5. Open the hood. 6. Draw a vertical line (through the center of each headlight beam pattern) and a horizontal line (through the center of each headlight beam pattern) on the aiming screen. And then, draw a parallel line at 0.8 in. (21 mm) under the horizontal line. 7. Adjust each cut-off line of the low beam to the parallel line with a phillips screwdriver VERTICAL AIMING. G290B01NF-AAT Adjustment After Headlight Assembly Replacement 0.8 in.(21 mm) Vertical line W Horizontal line "P" H ! Cut-off line WARNING: L H Never attempt to adjust the horizontal alignment of your headlights. Horizontal aiming must be adjusted by an authorized Hyundai dealer to avoid incorrect alignment that will reduce the effectiveness of your headlights. Ground line G260B01GK Vertical aiming If the vehicle has had front body repair and the headlight assembly has been replaced, the headlight aiming should be checked using the aiming screen as shown in the illustration. Turn on the headlight switch (Low Beam Position). 1. Adjust headlights so that main axis of light is parallel to the center line of the body and is aligned with point "P" shown in the illustration. 2. Dotted lines in the illustration show the center of the headlights. G290A01NF-A

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2007 Hyundai Sonata Manual