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2007 Suzuki Grand Vitara Manual

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INSPECTION AND MAINTENANCE Oil Level Check Engine oil dipstick EXAMPLE FULL ADD Refilling EXAMPLE Open Close 52D084 52D030 It is important to keep the engine oil at the correct level for proper lubrication of your vehicle's engine. Check the oil level with the vehicle on a level surface. The oil level indication may be inaccurate if the vehicle is on a slope. The oil level should be checked either before starting the engine or at least 5 minutes after stopping the engine. The handle of the engine oil dipstick is colored yellow for easy identification. Pull out the oil dipstick, wipe oil off with a clean cloth, insert the dipstick all the way into the engine, then remove it again. The oil on the stick should be between the upper and lower limits shown on the stick. If the oil level indication is near the lower limit, add enough oil to raise the level to the upper limit. 81A147 Remove the oil filler cap and pour oil slowly through the filler hole to bring the oil level to the upper limit on the dipstick. Be careful not to overfill. Too much oil is almost as bad as too little oil. After refilling, start the engine and allow it to idle for about a minute. Stop the engine, wait about 5 minutes and check the oil level again. 9-10

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2007 Suzuki Grand Vitara Manual