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Recovering your system The system recovery partition quickly restores your Desktop PC's software to its original working state. Before using the system recovery partition, copy your data files (such as Outlook PST files) to USB storage devices or to a network drive and make note of any customized configuration settings (such as network settings). About the system recovery partition The system recovery partition is a reserved space on your hard disk drive used to restore the operating system, drivers, and utilities installed on your Desktop PC at the factory. DO NOT delete the system recovery partition, which is the partition without volume label on Disk 0. The system recovery partition is created at the factory and cannot be restored if deleted. Take your Desktop PC to an authorized ASUS service center if you have problems with the recovery process. Using the system recovery partition: 1. 2. 3 4. Press during bootup. Press to select Windows Setup [EMS Enabled]. Select one of the following recovery options. System Recovery: This feature allows you to restore the system to the factory default settings. System Image Backup: This feature allows you to burn the system image backup in DVD discs, which you can use later to restore the system to its default settings. System DVD Backup: This feature allows you to make a backup copy of the support DVD. Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the recovery process. Visit the ASUS website at www.asus.com for updated drivers and utilities. ASUS CM1745 57 ENGLISH Using the system recovery partition

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Asus CM1745 Manual