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Canon 1692B002 Service Manual - Page 195

Canon 1692B002 Manual

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Chapter 8 Code 03031000-2F38 03031000-2F39 03031101-2E10 03060000-2E14 03060000-2E16 03060000-2E20 03060100-2E02 03060A00-2E08 03060A00-2E00 03060A00-2E1B 03061000-2E15 03130031-260E 03130031-260F 03130031-2618 03130031-2F11 03130031-2F12 03130031-2F13 03130031-2F14 03130031-2F16 03130031-2F17 03130031-2F1F 03130031-2F20 03130031-2F22 03130031-2F23 03130031-2F25 03130031-2F26 03130031-2F27 03130031-2F2A 03130031-2F2B 03130031-2F2E 03130031-2F32 03130031-2F3A 03130031-2F28 03130031-2F36 03130031-2F37 03800101-2800 03800102-2808 03800201-2802 03800201-2804 03800201-2812 03800202-2807 03800202-280A 03800202-2813 03800301-2801 03800302-2809 03800401-2803 03800402-280B 03800500-2F2F 03800500-2F30 03800500-2F31 03800501-280D 03800502-280E 03810104-2500 03810101-2501 03810102-2502 03810103-2503 03810112-2504 03810113-2505 03810106-2506 03810105-2508 03810115-2509 03810107-250A 03810109-250B 03810108-250C 03810204-2580 03810201-2581 Status Upper cover abnormaly open Carriage cover abnormaly open Ink tank cover error Media size mismatch Media type mismatch Media type mismatch when printing adjusting patternes No cut sheet loaded when cut sheet is required Media width mismatch Roll media was not loaded even though the received data indicated roll media. End of roll media Media type mismatch Gap detection error Gap reference surface error (not generated in the user mode.) VH voltage error Carriage unit error Feed unit error A/D converter outside trigger output stop ASIC register writing error Mist fan error Platen fan error Purge motor HP error Purge motor error Pump movement timeout Pump cannot operate Unable to detect CR motor HP Carriage motor driving error Carriage motor timeout Feed roller HP sensor error Feed motor driving error Roll media drive time out Multi sensor faulty Valve motor error Lift motor time out EEPROM error linear scale error Printhead R not installed Printhead L not installed Improper printhead R installed Printhead R installed to left side Printhead R version mismatch Printhead L installed to right side Improper printhead L installed Printhead L version mismatch Printhead R DI correction failure Printhead L DI correction failure Printhead R EEPROM error Printhead L EEPROM error Head management sensor error Head management sensor position adjustment error Head management sensor light-emission level error Many non-discharging nozzles on printhead R Many non-discharging nozzles on printhead L No ink (BK) No ink (Y) No ink (M) No ink (C) No ink (PM) No ink (PC) No ink (MBK) No ink (GY) No ink (PGY) No ink (R) No ink (B) No ink (G) Remaining ink low (BK) Remaining ink low (Y) 8-3

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Canon 1692B002 Manual