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Cisco 1242AG - Aironet - Wireless Access Point Manual

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Chapter 4 Checking the Lightweight Access Point LEDs Troubleshooting 1240AG Series Lightweight Access Points Table 4-1 LED Signals (continued) Message type Boot loader warnings Ethernet LED Off Red Amber Off Blinking green Radio LED Off Off Off Red Blinking red Red Red Amber Status LED Yellow Yellow Yellow Pink Meaning Ethernet link not operational. Ethernet failure. Configuration recovery in progress (Mode button pressed for 2 to 3 seconds). Image recovery (Mode button pressed for 20 to 30 seconds) Blinking pink Image recovery in progress and Mode button is released. Red Blinking red and blue Blinking red and blue-green Blinking red and yellow Blinking red and off Blinking red and off Blinking red and off Blinking red and off - - Amber Amber DRAM memory test failure. Flash file system failure. Environment variable (ENVAR) failure. Boot loader errors Red Off Off Amber Red Amber Red Amber Cisco IOS errors Off Off Amber Amber Amber Bad MAC address. Ethernet failure during image recovery. Boot environment error. No Cisco IOS image file. Boot failure. Transmit or receive Ethernet errors. Maximum retries or buffer full occurred on the radio. Software failure; try disconnecting and reconnecting unit power. General warning, insufficient inline power (see the Low Power Condition for Lightweight Access Points section). Connecting to the controller. Note Blinking amber - - Red - Blinking amber Red - Controller status Alternating green, red , and amber1 If the access point remains in this mode for more than five minutes, the access point is unable to find the controller. Ensure a DHCP server is available or that controller information is configured on the access point. Green Green Blinking dark Loading the access point image file. blue 1. This status indication has the highest priority and overrides other status indications. Cisco Aironet 1240AG Series Access Point Hardware Installation Guide 4-4 OL-8371-05

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Cisco 1242AG - Aironet - Wireless Access Point Manual