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Using Advanced Phone Features Monitoring/Accessing Another Phone from Your Phone 4 Paging Another Phone To page another phone, dial *96 plus the extension of the phone you are paging. If the phone you are paging is not set up to auto answer pages, the call will ring as a normal voice call. Paging a Group of Phones Your phone administrator can configure a group of phones that you can page simultaneously. Each paging group has a number associated with it. Your administrator must give you the number of the groups that are configured. To page this group, dial *96 plus the number of the paging group. Configuring Auto Answer To configure your phone to auto answer pages: STEP 1 Press the Setup button. STEP 2 Select Preferences. STEP 3 Choose Auto Answer Page and press edit. STEP 4 Press y/n to choose yes. STEP 5 Press ok. STEP 6 Press save. Monitoring/Accessing Another Phone from Your Phone Your system administrator may configure your phone so that you can monitor other user's phones from your phone. If this feature is configured, some line buttons on your phone are assigned to display the status of another user's phone. For example, if your line 4 is configured to display Bob's phone line, the LED color shows you the status of his phone line: • • Green: Line is idle. Red (steady): Line is active or in use. Cisco Small Business Pro IP Phone SPA 50X User Guide (SIP) 55

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