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Coby CX789 - Digital AM/FM/NOAA Radio Manual

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  • Coby CX789 | User Manual - Page 1
    CX-789 -BAND FM/AM/NOAA DIGITAL TUNING RADIO Operation Manual . Handle Bar . Antenna . Hour / Tuning Down 4. Minute / Tuning Up 5. Sleep . Power 7. Light 8. Time Set / Memory 9. Time 0. Snooze . External Antenna Jack -- . DX / Local Switch . DC Jack 4. LCD 5. Hold Switch . ...
  • Coby CX789 | User Manual - Page 2
    ... reference. . Heed all warnings. 4. Follow all instructions. 5. Do not expose to water or moisture. ...battery leakage. 5. There is a strong magnet inside the radio. Keep credit cards, recorded tapes,, especially the speaker. . Do not drop the radio or subject it to strong impacts. 7. Do not ...
  • Coby CX789 | User Manual - Page 3
    ... the radio. . Adjust the volume by turning the volume control dial. 4. Select the preferred frequency band (AM/FM/NOAA) by pressing the BAND / ALERT button. The selected band will appear on the display (AM, FM, or WB). 5. Press the LIGHT button to turn the backlight ...
  • Coby CX789 | User Manual - Page 4
    ... Use Direct Tuning to enter a specific station frequency to tune to directly. In the AM/FM mode, press the ENTER button to enter the direct tuning...and press the ENTER button. Preset Tuning You can store up to 0 preset radio stations: 0 for AM and 0 for FM. Press the NUMBER button to tune to the ...
  • Coby CX789 | User Manual - Page 5
    ...timer. Using the Sleep Timer ANTENNA Adjusting FM/NOAA Reception Adjusting AM Reception Pull out the telescopic antenna ...provide excellent AM reception in most areas. For optimum reception, change the position of the radio because the AM antenna is directional. SUPPORT If you need assistance with ...
  • Coby CX789 | User Manual - Page 6
    ... "D" Size/UM- Batteries (DC: 4.5V) AM 50 - 70 kHz FM 87.5 - 08 MHz NOAA CH - CH7 CH CH CH ..., uses and can radiate radio frequency energy and, if not installed and used in accordance with the instructions, may cause harmful interference to radio communications. However, there is no ...

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Coby CX789 - Digital AM/FM/NOAA Radio Manual