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Coby DVD 514 User Manual

Coby DVD 514 Manual

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Coby DVD 514 manual table of contents:

  • Coby DVD 514 | User Manual - Page 1
    DVD-514 Compact 5.1-Channel Progressive Scan DVD Player Instruction Manual Please read this manual carefully before operation.
  • Coby DVD 514 | User Manual - Page 2
    ... the serial number that is located on the bottom of the unit. Retain this information for future reference. Model No. Serial No. DVD-514 The lightning flash with arrowhead symbol within an equilateral triangle is intended to alert the user to the presence of ...
  • Coby DVD 514 | User Manual - Page 3
    ... all warnings and follow all instructions. Do not expose to water or moisture. .... Refer all repairs to authorized service personnel. 17. When replacements parts are required, be sure the service technician has used replacement parts specified by the manufacturer or that have the same characteristics ...
  • Coby DVD 514 | User Manual - Page 4
    ...OF.CONTROLS...8 Front Panel ...8 Rear Panel ...8 Remote Control ...9 CONNECTIONS...10 Audio/Video Connections ......(5.1-Channel Connection with Digital Decoding Amplifier ...12 Remote Control ...13 Power Supply ...13 BASIC... Setup ...16 On-Screen Display...16 Search ...16 DVD Chapter/Title Search ...16 ...
  • Coby DVD 514 | User Manual - Page 5
    TABLE OF CONTENTS Repeat Mode...17 Repeat A-B Mode ...17 Multi-Angle/Subtitle/Audio ...17 Zoom ...17 Program ...17 DVD Program Mode...18 CD Program Mode ...18 SETUP...19 Language Setup ...19 Screen Setup ...19 Audio Setup...20 Custom Setup ...20 SPECIFICATIONS...21 TROUBLESHOOTING...22 
  • Coby DVD 514 | User Manual - Page 6
    ABOUT OPTICAL DISCS Disc Requirements This DVD player supports playback of the following discs. Type Disc ....) Disc Care and Maintenance Optical discs (DVDs, CDs) contain high-density compressed data... need proper handling. Handling a Disc • Hold a DVD/CD by its edges. Avoid touching the recorded side...
  • Coby DVD 514 | User Manual - Page 7
    FEATURES Progressive Scan DVD Player Compact, Slim Design (2" High) Dolby Digital Decoder 5.1-Channel Output Digital, Optical, and Analog AV Outputs DVD, DVD±R/RW, CD, CD-R/RW, and...Multiple Subtitles/Viewing Angles Supported Picture Zoom Function Parental Lock Control 100-240V Automatic ...
  • Coby DVD 514 | User Manual - Page 8
    LOCATION OF CONTROLS Front Panel 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 1. 2. 3. 4. Disc Tray Power Indicator Open/Close button Play/Pause button 5. 6. 7. 8. Stop button 8 Power button Front Panel Display Remote Control sensor Rear Panel Y 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Audio (Front Left) ...
  • Coby DVD 514 | User Manual - Page 9
    LOCATION OF CONTROLS Remote Control 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. STANDBY key TITLE key SUBTITLE key MENU PBC key AUDIO key MUTE key PROGRAM key SETUP key NAVIGATION keys 10. SLOW key 11. PLAY/PAUSE key 12. STOP key 13. FWD/REV keys 14. STEP key 15. VOLUME keys 16. ENTER key...
  • Coby DVD 514 | User Manual - Page 10
    10 Audio/Video Connections Coaxial Input Optical Input Y CONNECTIONS S-VIDEO Cable S-VIDEO Cable
  • Coby DVD 514 | User Manual - Page 11
    CONNECTIONS Standard Television Set Connection Y Progressive Scan Video Connection The Progressive Scan connection Y/Cb/Cr Green Blue Red Y Blue Green Red 11
  • Coby DVD 514 | User Manual - Page 12
    CONNECTIONS Stereo Audio (2-Channel) Connection with Amplifier Digital Audio (5.1-Channel Connection with Digital Decoding Amplifier 12
  • Coby DVD 514 | User Manual - Page 13
    ... in the remote will last for approximately 1 year. Replace the batteries if the remote control does not work. Do not mix old with new batteries...2 x "AAA" 1.5V batteries • WARNING • • The batteries used in the remote control may present a fire or chemical burn if mistreated...
  • Coby DVD 514 | User Manual - Page 14
    ... the power supply. Set the Power Switch to the ON position to turn the player on. Load a disc. Press the Open/Close button to .../Next (Skip) • • Press Press to skip to the next track (DVD, CD, etc). to return to the previous track (DVD, CD, etc). Normal x2 x4 x8 x16 x32 Forward/Reverse (Search) ...
  • Coby DVD 514 | User Manual - Page 15
    ... if there is a problem with the format of the loaded disc WRONG REGIONAL DISC. The region code of the disc ... DTS Discs: This player does not have a built-in DTS decoder. • • Note: DVD disc ... Power Switch to the OFF position, unplug the player, and remove the batteries from the remote control. 15
  • Coby DVD 514 | User Manual - Page 16
    PLAYER FUNCTIONS Menu / Title • • Press the MENU key during DVD playback to return to the DVD's Main menu. Press the TITLE key during...to go directly to a desired point of a disc (e.g., Title, Chapter, Time). DVD Chapter/Title Search Press SEARCH once to display the Chapter...
  • Coby DVD 514 | User Manual - Page 17
    ...Multi-Angle/Subtitle/Audio During playback of a DVD that has been mastered with multiple angles,...ANGLE to view the available alternate camera angles. (A DVD may have up to 9 selectable angles... to change the magnification level of the picture. • • During DVD playback, each successive press of ZOOM...
  • Coby DVD 514 | User Manual - Page 18
    PLAYER FUNCTIONS DVD Program Mode 1. 2. Load a DVD and press PROGRAM. Press the right NAVIGATION key to select the "Title" column; press ...3. 4. 5. 6. CD Program Mode 1. 2. Load a CD and press PROGRAM. Press the right NAVIGATION key to select the "Track" column; ...
  • Coby DVD 514 | User Manual - Page 19
    ... display. Sets the default menu language of loaded DVDs. Options English, French, German, Italian English... Sets the default language audio track of loaded DVDs. Subtitle Sets the default subtitle track of loaded DVDs. Screen Setup Use the NAVIGATION keys to highlight the desired screen selection ...
  • Coby DVD 514 | User Manual - Page 20
    ... (audio) signal. For use with 5.1-channel receivers (see your receiver's manuals for more details). Options SPDIF/RAW, SPDIF/PCM, Off Custom ... press ENTER to confirm. Item Description Sets the maturity rating level of the player. The player will not play any discs rated higher than this setting. ...
  • Coby DVD 514 | User Manual - Page 21
    ... Digital Out Coaxial Digital Out RCA Stereo Out DVD, DVD±R/RW, CD, CD-R/RW, JPEG-CD Full Function Remote Control AV Cable 8.86" x 2.0" x 10.43" (WHD) Audio Output Media Supported Accessories Included Unit Dimensions Specifications are subject to change without notice. ...
  • Coby DVD 514 | User Manual - Page 22
    .... If these resources do not resolve the problem, please contact Technical Support. COBY Electronics Technical Support Hours: Email: ... are secure and correct. Try a different Audio track of the DVD by pressing AUDIO. Ensure that the MUTE function of the TV, Amplifier, or Player is not engaged. 22
  • Coby DVD 514 | User Manual - Page 23
    TROUBLESHOOTING The remote control doesn't work Ensure that the Power Switch has been physically set to the ON position. Ensure that there are no obstacles between the remote and the player. Point the remote at the remote sensor on the main unit. Ensure that the batteries in the ...
  • Coby DVD 514 | User Manual - Page 24
    COBY Electronics Corp. 56-65.Rust.Street. Maspeth,.NY.11378 www.cobyusa.com. www.ecoby.com

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