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Craftsman 28990 - YT 4500 26 HP 54" Yard Tractor Manual

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2. Rinse the battery with plain water and dry. • Be sure tractor is on level surface. 3. Clean terminals andbattery cable ends • Oil will drain more freely when warm. • Catch oil in a suitable container. with wire brush untilbright. 4. Coat terminals with grease orpetroleum1. Remove oil fill cap/dipstick. Be careful jelly. not to allow dirt to enter the engine 5. Reinstall battery (See "REPLACING when changing oil. BATTERY" intheSERVICE AND AD- 2. Remove yellow cap from end of drain vatve JUSTMENTS section ofthismanual). and install the drain tube onto the fitting. 3. Unlock drain valve by pushing inward TRANSAXLE COOLING The transmission fan and cooling fins should slightly and turning counterclockwise. Oil Drain Valve bekept clean toassure proper cooling. Donotattempt toclean fanortransmissionClosed and while engine isrunning orwhile thetransmission ishot. To prevent possible damage toseals, donotusehigh pressure water or steam toclean transaxle. • Inspect cooling fan tobesure fan blades areintact andclean. Yellow I W_-4' "N-I • Inspectcootingfinsfordirt, grassctippings Cap W and other materials. To prevent damage to _LL _: z J'Drain seals, donot usecompressed airorhigh pressure sprayer to clean cooling fins. _ Tube TRANSAXLE PUMP FLUID The transaxte was sealed at the factory and fluid maintenance is not required for the life of the transaxte. Should the transaxle ever leak or require servicing, contact your nearest Sears or other qualified service center. V-BELTS CheckV-betts for deterioration and wear after 100 hours of operation and replace if necessary. The belts are not adjustable. Replace belts if they begin to slip from wear. ENGINE LUBRICATION Only use high quality detergent oil rated with API service classification SG-SL Select the oil's SAE viscosity grade according to your expected operating temperature. Change the oil after every 50 hours of operation or at least once a year if the tractor is not used for 50 hours in one year. Check the crankcase oil level before starting the engine and after each eight (8) hours of operation. 4. To open, pull out on the drain valve. 5. After oil has drained completely, close and lock the drain valve by pushing inward and turning clockwise until the pin is in the locked position as shown. 6. Remove the drain tube and replace the cap onto the end of the drain valve. 7. Refill engine with oil through oil fill dipstick tube. Pour slowly. Do not overfill. For approximate capacity see "PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS"section ofthis manual. 8. Use gauge on oil fill cap/dipstick for checking level. For accurate reading, insert dipstick into the tube and push down firmly into place before removing. Keep oil up to, but not over, the "FULL' line on dipstick. Push dipstick down firmly into the tube when finished. AIR FILTER Your engine will not run properly using a dirty air filter. Service paper cartridge every two months or every 25 hours of operation, whichever occurs first. Service paper cartridge more often under dusty conditions. Replace the paper cartridge annually, or after every 100 hours of operation. TO SERVICE CARTRIDGE • Replace a dirty, bent, or damaged cartridge. Handle new cartridge carefully; do not use if the rubber seal is damaged. NOTE: Do not wash the paper cartridge or use pressurized air, as this will damage the cartridge. 21 F C -20 -30 -20 TEMPERATURE 0 -10 RANGE 30 32 40 60 1'0 BEFORE 20 NEXT 80 30 CHANGE oi_vis¢ 100 40 0 ANTICIPATED OIL ehart4e TO CHANGE ENGINE OIL Determine temperature range expected before oil change. All oil must meet API service classification SG-SL.

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Craftsman 28990 - YT 4500 26 HP 54" Yard Tractor Manual