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System Setup Reset The Reset screen lets you restart the receiver, reset to factory defaults, or reset everything. "Restart Receiver" is the same function as pressing the red reset button behind the access card door on the front of the receiver. This option does not affect your settings and scheduled recordings. "Reset Defaults" erases all of your personal preference items, such as parental controls, favorites, language and scheduled recordings, and restores the receiver configuration to how it was set at the factory. "Reset Everything": Completely erases everything from system memory and starts over like a new receiver. WARNING: All your recordings will be erased from the hard drive! Note: If Parental Controls are locked, you must enter your password to reset the receiver. Access Card Standard -Definition DVRs Do not select Access Card unless you have a new access card provided by DIRECTV. DIRECTV will provide new access cards and instructions when necessary. Follow the onscreen directions to replace your access card. You will need your old and new access cards to complete this process. 106 DIRECTV® DVR USER GUIDE

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