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UEFI Boot Menu Menu Item Description Select UEFI Boot Option Displays the list of available UEFI boot options (marked with asterisks), select the boot option you wish to use and press . Add Boot Option Delete Boot Option Boot From File Adds a new boot option. Deletes an existing boot option. Sets a one-time boot option not included in the boot option list. Embedded System Management The Dell Lifecycle Controller provides advanced embedded systems management throughout the server's lifecycle. The Lifecycle Controller can be started during the boot sequence and can function independently of the operating system. NOTE: Certain platform configurations may not support the full set of features provided by the Lifecycle Controller. For more information about setting up the Lifecycle Controller, configuring hardware and firmware, and deploying the operating system, see the Lifecycle Controller documentation at iDRAC Settings Utility The iDRAC Settings utility is an interface to setup and configure the iDRAC parameters using UEFI. You can enable or disable various iDRAC parameters using the iDRAC Settings Utility. NOTE: Accessing some of the features on the iDRAC Settings Utility requires the iDRAC7 Enterprise License upgrade. For more information on using iDRAC, see the iDRAC7 User's Guide under Software → Systems Management → Dell Remote Access Controllers, at Entering The iDRAC Settings Utility 1. 2. 3. Turn on or restart the managed system. Press during Power-on Self-test (POST). In the System Setup Main Menu page, click iDRAC Settings. The iDRAC Settings screen is displayed. 34

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Dell PowerEdge R720 Manual