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Foxconn G31MX-K 2.0 Manual

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Fox Central Control Unit Phoenix - AwardBIOS CMOS Setup Utility Fox Central Control Unit SuperBIOS-Protect] [Disabled] SuperBIOS-Protect 3400MHz 1066MHz 667MHz [ 17 X] [Enabled] [Default] [Disabled] 200MHz 100MHz Default Default Enabled [Press Enter] Item Help Menu Level ► [SuperSpeed] Current CPU Frequency Current FSB Frequency Current DRAM Frequency CPU Clock Ratio Auto Detect PCI Clk Fox Intelligent Stepping FSB1600 CPU Support CPU Clock PCI Express Clock CPU Voltage Regulator DRAM Voltage Regulator Spread Spectrum ► DRAM Configuration 3 Move Enter:Select F5: Previous Values +/-/PU/PD:Value F10:Save ESC:Exit F1:General Help F7: Optimized Defaults ► SuperBIOS-Protect To protect the system BIOS from virus attack, there is a BIOS write-protection mechanism provided. SuperBIOS Protect function protects your BIOS from being affected by viruses, e.g. CIH. ► Current CPU Frequency This option shows the current frequency of CPU. ► Current FSB Frequency This option shows the current frequency of FSB. ► Current DRAM Frequency This option shows the current frequency of DRAM. ► CPU Clock Ratio This option is used to configure the CPU Clock Ratio. Multiply CPU clock with this ratio, you can get the CPU speed. Increase this ratio may overclock your CPU. ► Auto Detect PCI Clk This option is used to auto detect PCI slots. When enabled, the system will turn off clock of the empty PCI slot to reduce EMI (Electromagnetic Interference). ► Fox Intelligent Stepping (FIS) You can select different overclock option by this item. The available setting values are : [Default], [Manual], [Step1], [Step2] and [Step 3]. [Default] - the system will automatically adjust its CPU clock based on the current loading in running O/S and application programs. [Step 1] - CPU is overclocked by a BIOS preset value. Each CPU with different speed has its own set of preset value. [Step 2] - Same definition as [Step 1]. [Step 3] - Same definition as [Step 1]. [Manual] - It means you can manually select a CPU clock to run your system. Any selected setting must be saved and exit BIOS to activate it. 26

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Foxconn G31MX-K 2.0 Manual