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GE GSH25JSXSS Use and Care Manual - Page 15

GE GSH25JSXSS - 25 cu. Ft. Refrigerator Manual

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GEAppliances.com Safety Instructions Problem Vibration or rattling Motor operates for long periods or cycles on and off frequently. (Modern refrigerators with more storage space and a larger freezer require more operating time. They start and stop often to maintain even temperatures.) Possible Causes Front rollers need adjusting. Normal when refrigerator is first plugged in. Often occurs when large amounts of food are placed in refrigerator. Door left open. Hot weather or frequent door openings. Temperature controls set at the coldest setting. Door left open. Too frequent or too long door openings. Automatic energy saver system circulates warm liquid around front edge of freezer compartment. Icemaker power switch is in the OFF position. Water supply turned off or not connected. Freezer compartment too warm. Piled up cubes in the storage bin cause icemaker to shut off. Ice cubes stuck in icemaker. What To Do • See Rollers. Slight vibration is normal. • Wait 24 hours for the refrigerator to completely cool down. • This is normal. • Check to see if package is holding door open. • This is normal. Operating Instructions • See About the controls. Frost or ice crystals on frozen food (frost within package is normal) Divider between refrigerator and freezer compartments feels warm Automatic icemaker does not work (on some models) • Check to see if package is holding door open. •This helps prevent condensation on the outside. • Slide the power switch to the ON position. • See Installing the water line. • Wait 24 hours for the refrigerator to completely cool down. •Level cubes by hand. • Turn off the icemaker, remove cubes and turn the icemaker back on. • Empty and wash bin. Discard old cubes. • Wrap foods well. •See Care and cleaning. •Replace filter cartridge with new cartridge or with plug. • Check to see if package is holding door open. •See About the controls. •Apply petroleum jelly on face of gasket. • This is normal. • Turn on icemaker or water supply. Installation Instructions Ice cubes have odor/taste Ice storage bin needs cleaning. Food transmitting odor/taste to ice cubes. Interior of refrigerator needs cleaning. Water filter clogged. Door left open. Temperature control not set cold enough. Door gasket on hinge side sticking or folding over. Defrost heater is on. Icemaker or water supply turned off. Ice cubes are frozen to icemaker feeler arm. Irregular ice clumps in storage container. Troubleshooting Tips Small or hollow cubes Slow ice cube freezing Door not closing properly Orange glow in freezer Cube dispenser does not work (on some models) Consumer Support • Remove cubes. • Break up with fingertip pressure and discard remaining clumps. •Freezer may be too warm. Adjust the freezer control to a colder setting, one position at a time, until clumps do not form. • Press and hold the Lock pad for 3 seconds. Dispenser is LOCKED. 15

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GE GSH25JSXSS - 25 cu. Ft. Refrigerator Manual