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Gigabyte GA-8VM800PMD-775 Manual

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Method 2 : @BIOSTM Utility If you do not have a DOS startup disk, we recommend that you use the new @BIOS utility. @BIOS allows users to update their BIOS under Windows. Just select the desired @BIOS server to download the latest version of BIOS. Fig 1. Installing the @BIOS utility Fig 2. Installation Complete and Run @BIOS English Click Start/ Programs/ Gigabyte/ BIOS/ @BIOS Select @BIOS item Fig 3. The @BIOS Utility Fig 4. Select the desired @BIOS server Click " " Click "Update New BIOS" 1. Methods and steps: I. Update BIOS through Internet a. Click "Internet Update" icon b. Click "Update New BIOS" icon c . Select @BIOS TM sever d. Select the exact model name on your motherboard e. System will automatically download and update the BIOS. II. Update BIOS NOT through Internet: a. Do not click "Internet Update" icon b. Click "Update New BIOS" c. Please select "All Files" in dialog box while opening the old file. d. Please search for BIOS unzip file, downloading from internet or any other methods (such as: VM800PMD.D1). e. Complete update process following the instruction. - 63 - Appendix

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Gigabyte GA-8VM800PMD-775 Manual