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Haier EB-2485EG Manual

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English Instruction for use English FIG. A 10 11 Instruction for use COMPONENTS 1 2 3 4 5 12 Using Your Oven In the following, please find all important instructions for the use of the oven. As this manual applies to several microwave ovens, some specifications may differ from model to model. 1 Potential dangers Caution ! Microwave ovens may only be used to warm up or heat up food or drinks. Never use your microwave oven for other purposes such as drying textiles or other objects, let alone life animals. This may cause acute fire(s) or accident hazard. 1. If you install or start up your microwave oven without first reading the instructions for use: Misuse may damage your health and endanger your life. Mistakes made in installation and connection may potentially damage the appliance itself and your kitchen furniture 6 13 7 8 9 2. Over boiling When heated in a microwave oven, liquids may overheat beyond their boiling point without you being able to see it (boiling causes non visible bubbling). Caution: By merely touching a serving dish as you take it out, steam bubbles may unexpectedly and suddenly form and the liquid in the serving dish may unexpectedly boil over. (Danger to get severely scalded) You can prevent such an occurrence, by simply putting a clean glass rod into the dish, filled with liquid. However before removing the serving dish, observe if the boiling liquid bubbles up as usual. In mixed food with different moisture levels, the microwaves heat up the moister ingredients far stronger. Baby food heated up in glasses or bottles may only be handed to your child after having checked the temperature of the food or drink. As different ingredients may be warmed up at varying degrees, the dish/bottle containing baby food may feel only lukewarm, whereas the food inside is far more heated up. For this reason, always shake or stir the baby food evenly so that the heat is distributed. 3. Suitable cooking ware Always ensure that your dishes and pots are compatible with microwave ovens. Cooking ware made of the following materials is best suited: Fire-resistant glass or ceramics Heat-resistant and microwave suited plastic Heat-resistant porcelain / stoneware The following materials may be used only for brief operation (e.g. warming up) as long as it is under constant supervision in case of fire and the manufacturer explicitly states that the materials are suitable for microwaves. 14 Legend of Components Availability of components depending on Mod. / Type of appliance 1 2 3 - Cabinet Interior light Control panel 10 11 12 13 - Oven interior Door hinge Door Door seal 4 - LED display 5 - Operate button 6 7 8 9 - 14 - Gridiron Circular track(for turntable undercarriage) Turntable drive Turntable undercarriage Turntable 2 11

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Haier EB-2485EG Manual