Haier HSU-18LEA13-M User Manual

Haier HSU-18LEA13-M Manual

Haier HSU-18LEA13-M manual table of contents:

  • Haier HSU-18LEA13-M | User Manual - Page 1
    Installation Manual of Room Air Conditioner Read this manual before installation Explain sufficiently the operating means to the user according to this manual. Necessary Tools for Installation 1.Driver 2.Hacksaw 3.Hole ...Right mo re tha n1 0c m C Pipe supporting plate mo re th an 10c m...
  • Haier HSU-18LEA13-M | User Manual - Page 2
    ... outdoor unit (Unit:mm) HSU-12LEA03 HSU-18LEA03 HSU-18LEA13-W HSU-10LEA03-T ...-H HSU-12LEA13-H HSU-14LEA13-H HSU-12LEB13-H HSU-14LEB13-H HSU-18LEA13-H HSU-12CRA03-T ... HSU-12HEA03/(DB) HSU-12HEA03/(BP) HSU-12LEA13-M HSU-18LEA13-M HSU-18LEA03(T3) HSU-18LEA13(T3) HSU-12LEA13-F HSU-12HEA03 HSU-18HEA03 YKS-...
  • Haier HSU-18LEA13-M | User Manual - Page 3
    ... is not correct, proper operation can not be carried out and will cause defect. 1. If the supply cord is damaged, it must be replaced by the manufacturer or its service agent or a similar qualified person.The type of connecting wire is H05/07RN-F or 245IEC57(YZW). 2. If the fuse on PC board is ...
  • Haier HSU-18LEA13-M | User Manual - Page 4
    ... pipe. 2.Attaching Drain-Elbow If the drain-elbow is used, please attach it as figure. (Note: Only for heat pump unit.) 3.Purging Method: Push the air out of the indoor unit and piping as followes: Tighten the caps on the valves with specified torque. Tighten torque N.m Valve rod Valve cap 7-9 20-...

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Haier HSU-18LEA13-M Manual