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HP P6000 HP P6300/P6500 EVA M6612/6625 Disk Enclosure Installation Instruction - Page 8

HP P6000 Manual

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Cabling the P6300 EVA enclosure while offline 1. Power down the array. Figure 9 (page 8) shows the cabling for an array with one P6300 EVA controller enclosure and two disk enclosures. Figure 9 Cabling for preexisting P6300 EVA 2. Figure 10 (page 8) shows the cabling when two disk enclosures are added to the array. Unplug the cable between DP-B on controller 1 and I/O module B port P2 of the existing disk enclosure at the bottom of the rack. Connect the cable from DP-B on controller 1 to I/O module B port P2 on the newly installed disk enclosure closest to the controller enclosure (1, Figure 10 (page 8)). Figure 10 Adding disk enclosures to the P6300 EVA 8 Cabling the enclosure

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HP P6000 Manual