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Table D-15 Solving CD-ROM and DVD Problems (continued) System will not boot from CD-ROM or DVD drive. Cause Non-bootable CD in drive. Boot order not correct. Solution Try a bootable CD in the drive. Run the Computer Setup utility and change boot sequence in Storage > Boot Order. Drive not found (identified). Cause Cable could be loose. The system may not have automatically recognized a newly installed device. Solution Check cable connections. See reconfiguration directions in the Solving Hardware Installation Problems on page 163 section. If the system still does not recognize the new device, check to see if the device is listed within Computer Setup. If it is listed, the probable cause is a driver problem. If it is not listed, the probable cause is a hardware problem. If this is a newly installed drive, run the Computer Setup utility and try adding a POST delay under Advanced > Power-On Options. The device is attached to a SATA port that has been hidden in Computer Setup. Drive responds slowly immediately after power-up. Run the Computer Setup utility and ensure Device Available is selected for the device's SATA port in Security > Device Security. Run Computer Setup and increase the POST Delay in Advanced > Power-On Options. CD-ROM or DVD devices are not detected or driver is not loaded. Cause Drive is not connected properly or not properly configured. Solution See the documentation that came with the optional device. Movie will not play in the DVD drive. Cause Movie may be regionalized for a different country. Decoder software is not installed. Damaged media. Movie rating locked out by parental lock. Media installed upside down. Solution See the documentation that came with the DVD drive. Install decoder software. Replace media. Use DVD software to remove parental lock. Reinstall media. 170 Appendix D Troubleshooting Without Diagnostics

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HP Pro 3400 Manual