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HP ProBook 6550b - Notebook PC Manual

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Security menu NOTE: Some of the menu items listed in this section may not be supported by your computer. Select Setup BIOS Administrator Password User Management (requires a BIOS administrator password) To do this Set up a BIOS administrator password. ● ● Password Policy (requires a BIOS administrator password) HP SpareKey Always Prompt for HP SpareKey Enrollment Create a new BIOS user account. View a list of ProtectTools users. Revise password policy criteria. Enable/disable HP SpareKey (disabled by default). Enable/disable HP SpareKey enrollment (disabled by default). Enable/disable reset of HP ProtectTools security keys. Enter, change, or delete a BIOS administrator password. Enroll or reset HP SpareKey, which is a set of security questions and answers used if you forget your password. ● Enable/disable DriveLock on any computer hard drive (enabled by default). Change a DriveLock user password or master password. Allow Reset of HP ProtectTools security keys Change Password HP SpareKey Enrollment DriveLock Passwords ● NOTE: DriveLock settings are accessible only when you enter Computer Setup by turning on (not restarting) the computer. Automatic DriveLock Disk Sanitizer Enable/disable Automatic DriveLock support. Run Disk Sanitizer to destroy all existing data on the primary hard drive or the drive in the upgrade bay. CAUTION: If you run Disk Sanitizer, the data on the selected drive is destroyed permanently. System IDs Enter a user-defined computer asset tracking number and ownership tag. 164 Chapter 5 Computer Setup

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HP ProBook 6550b - Notebook PC Manual