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HP ProLiant DL160se HP ProLiant DL160se G6 Server Maintenance and Service Guid - Page 119

HP ProLiant DL160se - G6 Server Manual

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Table 22 POST Error Messages Error code 620 621 622 Description Non-Redundant Fan Failure or Missing Redundant Fan Configuration, One Fan Failure or Missing Redundant Fan Configuration, Multiple Fans Failure or Missing Temperature Violation Detected Waiting 5 minutes for system to cool Press ESC Key to resume booting without waiting for the system to cool Warning: Pressing ESC is NOT recommended as the system may shutdown unexpectedly Power Supply Failure or Power Supply Unplugged Update SDRR/Configuration Image failed Invalid or Unknown SKU/Chassis ID 623 624 626 627 628 701 Please check Front panel, System ID Jumper or Riser card Press F1 to Continue Redundant Power Supply Mismatch Insufficient Runtime space for MPS data.!!. System may operate in PIC or Non-MPS mode. No enough APIC ID in range 0-0Fh can be assigned to IO APICs. (Re-assigning CPUs' local APIC ID may solve this issue) MPS Table is not built! System may operate in PIC or Non-MPS mode. 702 POST related troubleshooting Perform the following procedures when POST fails to run, displays error messages. If the POST failure is during a routine boot up, check the following: All external cables and power cables should be firmly plugged in. The power outlet to the server should be connected and works correctly. The server and monitor are both turned on. The bicolour status LED indicator on the front panel must be lit up green. The monitor's contrast and brightness settings are correct. All internal cables are properly connected and all boards firmly seated. The processor is fully seated in its socket on the system board. The heat sink assembly is properly installed on top of the processor. All memory modules are properly installed. If you have installed a PCI accessory board, verify that the board is firmly seated and any jumpers on the board are properly set. Refer to the documentation provided with the accessory board. All internal cabling and connections are in their proper order. If you have changed the jumpers on the system board, verify that each is properly set. Diagnostic tools and setup utilities 119

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HP ProLiant DL160se - G6 Server Manual