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Hotpoint HSS25GFT - 25.0 cu. Ft. Refrigerator Manual

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About the automatic icemaker. Safety Instructions It is normal for several cubes to be joined together. If ice is not used frequently, old ice cubes will become cloudy, taste stale, and shrink. NOTE: In homes with lower-than-average water pressure, you may hear the icemaker cycle multiple times when making one batch of ice. Icemaker Accessory Kit If your refrigerator did not come already equipped with an automatic icemaker, an icemaker accessory kit is available at extra cost. Check the back of the refrigerator for the specific icemaker kit needed for your model. Operating Instructions About the ice and water dispenser. (On some models.) To Use the Dispenser Select or Press the glass gently against the top of the dispenser cradle. The spill shelf is not self-draining. To reduce water spotting, the shelf and its grille should be cleaned regularly. If no water is dispensed when the refrigerator is first installed, there may be air in the water line system. Press the dispenser arm for at least two minutes to remove trapped air from the water line and to fill the water system. To flush out impurities in the water line, throw away the first six glassfuls of water. CAUTION: Never put fingers or any other objects into the ice crusher discharge opening. Installation Instructions Spill Shelf Locking the Dispenser (on some models) Press the LOCK CONTROL pad for 3 seconds to lock the dispenser and control panel. To unlock, press and hold the pad again for 3 seconds. Dispenser Light This pad turns the night light in the dispenser on and off. The light also comes on when the dispenser cradle is pressed. If this light burns out, it should be replaced with a 6 watt maximum, 12 volt DC bulb. Ice Storage Drawer on Dispenser Models To remove: Set the icemaker power switch to the O (off) position. Pull the drawer straight out and then lift past the stop position. To replace: When replacing the drawer, make sure to push it firmly into place. If it does not go all the way back, remove it and rotate the drive mechanism 1/4 turn. Then push the drawer back again. Rotate Troubleshooting Tips Drive Mechanism Important Facts About Your Dispenser s Do not add ice from trays or bags to the storage bin. It may not crush or dispense well. s Avoid overfilling glass with ice and use of narrow glasses. Backed-up ice can jam the chute or cause the door in the chute to freeze shut. If ice is blocking the chute, poke it through with a wooden spoon. s Beverages and foods should not be quick-chilled in the ice storage bin. Cans, bottles or food packages in the storage bin may cause the icemaker or auger to jam. s To keep dispensed ice from missing the glass, put the glass close to, but not touching, the dispenser opening. s Some crushed ice may be dispensed even though you selected CUBED. This happens occasionally when a few cubes have been left in the crusher. s After crushed ice is dispensed, some water may drip from the chute. s Sometimes a small mound of snow will form on the door in the ice chute. This condition is normal and usually occurs when you have dispensed crushed ice repeatedly. The snow will eventually evaporate. s The first glass of water dispensed may be warmer than the following ones. This is normal. s Dispensed water is not ice cold. For colder water, simply add crushed ice or cubes before dispensing water. Consumer Support 8

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Hotpoint HSS25GFT - 25.0 cu. Ft. Refrigerator Manual