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Jabra SP700 User Manual

Jabra SP700 - Speaker Phone Manual

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Jabra SP700 manual table of contents:

  • Jabra SP700 | User Manual - Page 1
  • Jabra SP700 | User Manual - Page 2
    english Thank you 2 About your Jabra SP700 2 What your Speakerphone DOES 3 GETTING STARTED ...4 Charge your Speakerphone 4 Turning your Speakerphone on and off... support 15 Taking care of your Speakerphone 15 WARNING 15 WARRANTY 16 CERTIFICATION 18 Jabra SP700 1 english
  • Jabra SP700 | User Manual - Page 3
    ... 7 3 8 6 2 1 9 10 + 4 - 5 Jabra SP700 2 english Thank you for purchasing the Jabra SP700 Bluetooth® Speakerphone. We hope you enjoy it! This instruction manual will get you started and ready to make the most of your Speakerphone.
  • Jabra SP700 | User Manual - Page 4
    What your Speakerphone DOES Your Jabra SP700 lets you do all this: - Answer calls - End calls - Reject calls* - Voice dialing* - Last number ...) version 2.0. - Internal rechargeable battery charged by provided car charger or USB cable. * Phone dependent Jabra SP700 3 english
  • Jabra SP700 | User Manual - Page 5
    ... start using it. Use the USB cable to connect SP700 to the car charger. Plug the car charger into your car's power outlet. ... the box - do not use chargers from any other devices as this may damage your speakerphone. Jabra SP700 4 english The Jabra SP700 is easy to operate. You should follow three...
  • Jabra SP700 | User Manual - Page 6
    ... Answer/End button and FM button simultaneously for 2 seconds. Automatic power off When disconnected from the mobile phone, the speakerphone turns off automatically after 10 minutes. Jabra SP700 5 english
  • Jabra SP700 | User Manual - Page 7
    ... flash constantly. 2. Set your Bluetooth phone to 'discover' the Jabra SP700 - Follow your phone's instruction guide. First make sure that Bluetooth is activated..."Pairing Mode" and the Bluetooth Status Icon will flash constantly. Jabra SP700 6 english Speakerphones are connected to ...
  • Jabra SP700 | User Manual - Page 8
    ..." will be announced and the Bluetooth Status Icon will turn solid blue. After pairing, the speakerphone connects automatically to your ... auto reconnection mode for 10 minutes. Place the speakerphone in your vehicle The Jabra SP700 sits discreetly and conveniently on the sun visor using the attached ...
  • Jabra SP700 | User Manual - Page 9
    ... the voice dialing tag through your speakerphone. Please consult your phone's user manual for more information about using this feature. Redial last number * -... light will then turn off. You can turn * Phone dependent Jabra SP700 8 english Answer a call - Tap Answer/...
  • Jabra SP700 | User Manual - Page 10
    ... Status Icon flashes every 1 second Call Status Icon and Bluetooth Status Icon flashes Battery Status Icon on (red) Jabra SP700 9 english the lights back on with another press. The speakerphone will always turn on with the lights turned on. *...
  • Jabra SP700 | User Manual - Page 11
    ... follow these steps: - Enter pairing mode by press and hold Answer/End button when SP700 is off until voice announces: "Pairing mode" - Press FM button until...press FM button and the voice announcement function will be off. Jabra SP700 10 english Change voice announcement language ...
  • Jabra SP700 | User Manual - Page 12
    ... Volume up/Volume down button will change the frequency on your speakerphone by 0.1 MHz allowing you to fine tune the signal. Jabra SP700 11 english Play music Make sure that speakerphone and mobile phone are connected. When you play music from ...
  • Jabra SP700 | User Manual - Page 13
    ... frequency channel, follow these steps: - Connect your mobile phone and speakerphone. - Press FM button to enter FM ... Text the phone number will furthermore be showed on the radio display. Jabra SP700 12 english Using FM transmitter when voice announcement function is off If voice announcement ...
  • Jabra SP700 | User Manual - Page 14
    ...provided driver. - After the "Jabra SP700" appears in the Windows device manager, the car kit software can be upgraded. Troubleshooting & FAQ I hear crackling noises... am having pairing problems - You may have deleted your speakerphone pairing connection in your mobile phone. Jabra SP700 13 english
  • Jabra SP700 | User Manual - Page 15
    ... pairing mode as the first time you powered your new SP700 on. Will the Jabra SP700 work with other Bluetooth equipment? - The Jabra SP700 is designed to work with Bluetooth mobile phones. It can also work with other Bluetooth devices that are compliant with Bluetooth ...
  • Jabra SP700 | User Manual - Page 16
    ... read documents while you are driving. Pairing and/or connecting your SP700 speakerphone with your mobile phone or car stereo should always ..., Serbia, Slovakia, and Slovenia. For an updated list please go to www.jabra.com/SP700 Jabra SP700 15 english 1. Web: 2. E-mail: 3. Phone: ...
  • Jabra SP700 | User Manual - Page 17
    ...it to the dealer or to GN Netcom A/S (if so indicated on www.jabra.com) in either its original packaging or packaging affording an equal degree ...for products not covered by the warranty or requiring no warranty repair. Jabra SP700 16 english Calls and music streamed to your FM radio using the FM ...
  • Jabra SP700 | User Manual - Page 18
    ..., and (e) reason for return. As part of GN Netcom A/S/Jabra's efforts to reduce environmental waste you understand ... components all live up to GN Netcom A/S/Jabra's high quality standards and comply ... Netcom A/S warranty work. Any unauthorized repairs will void this warranty. Jabra SP700 17 english
  • Jabra SP700 | User Manual - Page 19
    .../5/EC. For further information please consult http://www.jabra.com. Within the EU this device is intended to be used in... Bluetooth® word mark and logos are owned by the Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and any use of...product according to local standards and regulations. www.jabra.com/weee Jabra SP700 18 english
  • Jabra SP700 | User Manual - Page 20
    Made in China Type: Jabra SP700 www.jabra.com 81-02673 B © 2008 GN Netcom A/S. All rights reserved. Jabra® is a registered trademark of GN Netcom ... respective owners. The Bluetooth® word mark and logos are owned by the Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and any use of such marks by ...

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Jabra SP700 - Speaker Phone Manual