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EXTRA CONTENTS -F  or 32/37/42/47LD452C You can play application files on USB device. Application files your device can be played by this unit. The On Screen Display may be different from your TV. Images are an example to assist with the TV operation. FLASH (*.SWF) / GEM supporting file An SWF file complied with Flash Lite 3.0 or earlier (the 3.0 version is recommended) •T  he Pro: Centric application is required, which starts automatically in the flash memory when the TV is turned on. •T  he folder called /hcapfs/as/abs_service/ must exist in USB drive root directory. •T  he file called xait.xml must exist in the /hcapfs/as/abs_service/ folder. •I f the above conditions are not met, the following error message is displayed when selecting the Extra Contents option: Failed to execute file in the USB. Please check the files in the USB. • When the flash file does not run even if the above all conditions are met, refer to the Download Extra Contents of Installation Guide. • GEM is composed of JAVA application. MY MEDIA Playing the application files 1 2 3 MENU Select MY MEDIA. ENTER Select Extra Contents. ENTER Application files are played. To stop playing the Application file Remove the USB from the USB IN jack of the TV set. ! ! NOTE ► When playing the Application files(FLASH or GEM files), the buttons are controlled according to the settings of the Extra Contents option. ? ? 97

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LG 47LD452C Manual