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LG ARNU123BHA2 Manual

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Operating Instructions Name and function of wired remote controller(Optional) 1. Plasma button (optional) Used to start or stop the plasma-purification function. 2. Jet cool button Speed cooling operates super high fan speed. 3. Operation mode selection button Used to select the operation mode. 8 1 2 9 10 11 3 4 5 6 7 16 12 13 14 15 4. Function setting button Used to set or clear auto clean or smart clean. 5. LCD luminosity button (optional) Used to adjust LCD luminosity 6. Smart clean button (optional) Used to start or stop smart clean. 7. Clear all button Used to clear all timer. 8. Room temperature setting button Used to select the room temperature. 9. ON/OFF button Used to turn off/on the unit. 10. Indoor fan speed selection button Used to select fan speed in four steps low, medium, high and chaos. 11. Auto swing button Used to stop or start louver movement and set the desired up/down airflow direction. 12. Horizontal airflow direction control button (optional) Used to set the desired horizontal airflow direction. 13. Timer and time setting button Used to set the time of starting or stopping and sleeping operation. 14. Room temperature checking button Used to check the room temperature. 15. ˚C/˚F switch button Used to switch temperature reading from Celsius to Fahrenheit. 16. Reset button Used to reset the remote controller. PQWRCDF0 (Heat pump) PQWRHDF0 (Cooling only) Operation Mode Cooling Mode Auto Mode or Auto Changeover Dehumidification mode Heating Mode Fan Mode • Cooling Model( ), Heat Pump Model( ) 8 Indoor Unit

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LG ARNU123BHA2 Manual