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To put the computer into screen blank mode, do the following: 1. Right-click the Power Manager Battery Gauge in the task bar. 2. Select Power off display. To end screen blank mode and resume normal operation, press any key. Sleep mode When the computer enters sleep mode, the following events occur in addition to what occurs in screen blank mode: • The LCD is powered off. • The hard disk drive is powered off. • The microprocessor stops. To enter sleep mode, press Fn+F4. Note: You can change the action of the Fn+F4 key combination by changing the settings in Power Manager. In certain circumstances, the computer goes into sleep mode automatically: • If a "suspend time" has been set on the timer, and the user does not do any operation with the keyboard, the TrackPoint®, the hard disk drive, the parallel connector, or the diskette drive within that time. • If the battery indicator blinks orange, indicating that the battery power is low. Note: Even if you do not set the low-battery alarm, the charge indicator notifies you when the battery is low, and then the computer enters the power-saving mode automatically. To cause the computer to return from sleep mode and resume operation, do one of the following: • Press the Fn key. • Open the LCD cover. • Turn on the power switch. Also, in either of the following events, the computer automatically returns from sleep mode and resumes operation: • The ring indicator (RI) is signaled by a serial device or a PC Card device. • The time set on the resume timer elapses. Note: The computer does not accept any input immediately after it enters sleep mode. Wait a few seconds before taking any action to reenter operation mode. Hibernation mode In hibernation mode, the following occurs: • The system status, RAM, VRAM, and setup data are stored on the hard disk. • The system is powered off. Note: If the computer enters the hibernation mode while it is docked to the docking station, do not undock it before resuming normal operation. If you do undock it and then try to resume normal operation, you will get an error message, and you will have to restart the system. To cause the computer to enter hibernation mode, do any of the following: • Click Start, then select Hibernate from the list Chapter 4. Related service information 31

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Lenovo ThinkPad X230 Manual