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ZumoCast from and log in to choose folders to share. • File types: Choose to open your document Files, Music, or Videos. • Streaming or downloaded: Choose to show All content, updated live from your computer, or only the files Downloaded to your phone. • Update the file list: Touch Menu > Refresh to update the list of files from your computer. Tips & tricks • From any browser: Go to and log into your account to see your files. Note: Phone Portal works best with Internet Explorer 7 or newer, with Java script and cookies enabled. Open your recent activity Open details about (Home), Contacts, your phone's network Photos, Settings, File signal, battery, or Manager, or Support. memory. Recent Photos See All >> Delete All All Compose View Files with a Computer Phone Portal connects your phone's memory card to your computer with a cable or a Wi-Fi network. English (US) Show All recent activity, Choose your language. or only your SMS (text messages) or Calls. File Access 51

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Motorola ATRIX 2 Manual