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Home screen & apps Home screen & apps Quick start: Home screen & apps Redecorate your home Guide Me Search Status & notifications Download apps Take Care of your apps Update your phone To let your phone install apps that are not from Google Settings > Security and check Play, touch Apps > Unknown sources. To download files from your browser, see "Downloads". Take Care of your apps From your home screen, touch Apps , then flick left to scroll through apps. To close the apps screen, touch Home or Back . • Favorites: To show your favorite apps, touch at the top of the screen. Then touch ADD/REMOVE to edit your favorite apps. Tip: Apps you download are added to your favorites. Settings > Apps • Uninstall apps: Touch Apps > > ALL, touch an app, then touch Disable or Uninstall in the top right (if available). Disable removes the app from your menu. To Enable it, reopen this window and touch Enable (disabled apps are at the bottom of the list). Choose carefully Apps are great. There's something for everyone. Play, communicate, work, or have fun. But remember, choose your apps carefully. Here are a few tips: • To help prevent spyware, phishing, or viruses from affecting your phone or privacy, use apps from trusted sites, like Google Play Store. • In Google Play Store, check the app's ratings and comments before installing. • If you doubt the safety of an app, don't install it. • Like all apps, downloaded apps will use up memory, data, battery, and processing power-some more than others. For example, a simple battery level widget will use less than a streaming music player app. After installing an app, if you're not happy with how much memory, data, battery or processing power it's using, uninstall it. You can always install it again later. • Just like web browsing, you may want to monitor childrens' access to apps to help prevent exposure to inappropriate content. If an app locks up your phone as soon as you turn it on, restart in Safe Mode: Turn off your phone, then turn it back on-when you see the "Motorola" logo during power-up, press and hold both volume keys until you see the home screen, with Safe Mode in the lower left. Then, try removing the app. • Reinstall apps: To reinstall apps from the Google Play Play Store > My apps. The Store, touch Apps > apps you downloaded are listed and available for download. • Share, show, or clear app details: Touch Apps > Settings > Apps. A bar at the bottom tells you how much app storage space you have left. At the top, Menu Back More Next • Certain apps may not provide completely accurate information. Take care, especially when it comes to personal health.

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Motorola ELECTRIFY M Manual