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EN Welcome Your MOTOGO! makes life fun. All social, all the time. • Messaging. Easy texting and no more cramped thumbs with the built-in keypad. • Personalization. Make your phone your own with wallpapers and more. • Photos & Music. Take and send photos to your friends. Listen to music could be: when you want, wherever you are. We've crammed all the main features of your phone into this handy guide, and in a matter of minutes we'll show you just how easy your phone is to use. You may be surprised at what you discover. Note: Your phone may not appear exactly as the images in this guide. Your phone MicroUSB Connector Charge & connect to computer. 3.5mm Headset Jack Listen to music or call handsfree. Note: for some headsets with hang up buttons, the buttons will not work. important keys messages Send an SMS or MMS calls Make calls Enter a number and press SEND. SEND END PWR Emergency calls SEND END PWR Tips & tricks Voicemail Press and hold 1. If your voicemail number is preset, you will connect. Music Play music Press Menu > Multimedia > Media player Menu map Prepaid Contacts Games & Apps Recent Calls • Call History • Call Settings Multimedia • Image Viewer • Media Player • Video Recorder • Sound Recorder • FM Radio • Melody Composer Tools • Alarm • World Clock • Calendar • Calculator • Tasks • Currency Converter • SIM app Settings • Phone Settings • Network Settings • Security Settings • Connectivity • Reset Factory Settings • Sound Effects • OSS Licenses User Profiles Browser 1 2 Press Menu > Messages > Write message. Enter your message using the keypad. Tip: Press Options > Input method to switch text entry modes, such as abc or Numeric. To enter a symbol, press SYM . To call an emergency number, enter the emergency number and press SEND. MOTOGO! TM = SEND END PWR Send Key Enter a number & press to call. Volume Keys Soft Keys Perform function shown above the key. 3 4 To add pictures, sounds, or videos, press Options. Press Options > Send to to enter one or more recipients or to select a contact from your phonebook. Answer calls When your phone rings or vibrates, press SEND. SEND END PWR = Your service provider programs one or more emergency phone numbers that you can call under any circumstances, even when your phone is locked. Emergency numbers vary by country. Your pre-programmed emergency number(s) may not work in all locations, and sometimes an emergency call cannot be placed due to network, environmental, or interference issues. = Controls controls play/pause next/previous song fast forward/ rewind volume view videos full screen Press Press . right or left. right or left. Handsfree speaker During an active call, press to turn the handsfree speaker on. To turn the handsfree speaker off, press again. You can also use a wired headset to go handsfree. Lock your phone Press Menu > Settings > Security Settings > Phone Security > Phone Lock, then enter a password to lock your phone. The code is originally set to 1122. To change your password, in the Security Settings menu, select Change Password > Phone Password. Press and hold Read messages When you receive a message, your phone plays an alert and displays on the screen. Press View to open the message. Tip: You can read all messages in your inbox by pressing Menu > Messages > Inbox. End a call Press PWR/END. SEND END PWR Cool down In very limited circumstances, such as where your phone has been exposed to extreme heat, you may see "Cool Down" messages. To avoid possible damage to your battery and phone, you should follow these instructions until the phone is within its recommended temperature range. When your phone is in "Cool Down" mode, only emergency calls can be made. SEND END PWR Caution: Before assembling, charging, or using your phone for the first time, please read the important safety, regulatory and legal information provided with your product. = = Power/ End Key Turn on/off & end calls. Delete Press the side volume keys up or down. Press z. Messages • Write Message • Inbox • Drafts • Outbox • Sent Messages • Delete Messages • Email • Templates • Message Settings Camera My Folder Reset To reset default factory settings on your phone, press Menu > Settings > Restore Factory Settings, then enter 1122. Caution: This option erases all your data and information. = ALT SYM Navigation Key Scroll up, down, left, or right. ALT SYM Center Key Press to select. Symbols Redial number 1 2 From the home screen, press SEND to see a list of All calls. Scroll to the entry you want and press SEND. Microphone Alternate/ Vibrate Mode Tip: You can use other phone features when playing music, but games or radio turns the audio player off. If you receive a call while playing music, the player pauses automatically. Playing music resumes after you end the call. This is a standard menu layout. Your menu may be a little different. let's go 1 Cover off. basics 2 microSD in. personalize Set your wallpaper Press and hold PWR/END for a few seconds to turn the phone on/off. Change the wallpaper to one that makes you smile. Press Menu > > Wallpaper. Settings > Phone settings > Display contacts Save contacts photos & videos Take photos & videos radio Listen to the radio First, plug in a headset (required). Press Menu > Multimedia > FM Radio. Then to To tune a station, press right/left. Press Options > Auto Search to search and store automatically. To find the next station, press up, then press right/left. To turn off the radio, press down. To change the volume, press the side volume keys up/down. bluetooth Connect new devices web Surf the web Note: If you can't connect, contact your service provider. Use your phone's browser to surf your favorite websites. Select Browser from the home screen To go to your home page, press Homepage. To go to a webpage, press Input address and enter the URL using the keypad. To bookmark a page, press Options > Add to Bookmarks. display The home screen appears when you turn on the phone. Status indicators appear across the top of the screen: Turn it on & off 1 2 Enter the number on the home screen and press Options > Save to Contacts. Enter the contact details and press Yes to save. Tip: Press Menu > Contacts > Options > Phonebook settings > Storage Location to choose where to save your contacts (SIM and/or Phone memory). 1 2 • SEND END PWR To use the camera or video recorder, press Menu > Camera or Menu > Multimedia > Video Recorder. Press to take your photo or to start/stop the video. Then to: 1 2 3 4 Make sure the device you are pairing with is in discoverable mode. Press Menu > Settings > Connectivity > Bluetooth > My Device > Search for All Devices. When your phone lists the devices it finds within range, select the device name > Pair to connect with it. If necessary, press Yes and, if prompted, enter the device passkey (such as 0000) to connect to the device. = Set ringtone & volume 3 SIM cards in. 4 Battery in. 12:02 Menu navigation Press the left soft key to open the main menu. SEND END PWR Play it loud or keep it quiet, you choose. Press Menu > User Profiles Choose a profile. Press Options > Customize to edit a profile. Call contacts = Set shortcuts Press the navigation key up, down, right or left to highlight a menu option. Set shortcuts to features you use most. Press up, down, left, or right from the home screen to access them. Press Menu > Dedicated key. Settings > Phone settings > This product meets the applicable limit for exposure to radio waves (known as SAR) of 1.6 W/kg (FCC & IC). The limits and guidelines include a substantial safety margin designed to assure the safety of all persons, regardless of age and health. The highest SAR values measured for this device are listed in the regulatory information packaged with your product. 1 2 3 Press Menu > Contacts. Press up or down, to scroll through the list to highlight the contact's number. Press SEND. SIM microSIM microSIM + Adapter SEND END PWR 5 Cover on. 6 Charge up. To share photos, press Options > Forward > Via Bluetooth, As Email, or As multimedia message. • To stop the recording and save the video, press . • To delete the photo, press Options > Delete • To return to the viewfinder, press . • To view your stored pictures, press > Switch to > Photo Album. To transfer photos or videos to/from your memory card, plug your USB cable into your phone & computer, then drag & drop files. Status Indicators 2012-June-12 Left Soft Key Store favorite stations When listening to a station, press Options > Channel list. Select a channel number and press Add to store it. Press Options > Channel list to see your stored stations. Press keys 1 through 9 to select a stored station. Menu SEND 12:02 Browser END PWR Right Soft Key To automatically reconnect/disconnect your phone with a paired device, just turn the device on/off. To send a media file or contact, open the item that you want to transfer, then press Options > Send > Via Bluetooth. Note: Your home screen may look a little different. = Press to select the highlighted option. SEND END PWR = 68XXXXXXXX-A 4H Caution: Please read "Battery Use & Safety" on the back of this guide.

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Motorola EX430EX431G MOTOGO Manual