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Motorola T505 - MOTOROKR - Speaker Phone Manual

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Motorola T505 manual table of contents:

  • Motorola T505 | User Manual - Page 1
    ... the Impo pamphlet and follow its instructions. Take a moment before you get started to fam T505 Bluetooth® In-Car Speakerphone & Dig motorola T505 Front View Visor Clip Microphone Play/Pause Button Quick Start Guide Volume Down Speaker Call Button...
  • Motorola T505 | User Manual - Page 2
    ... with your Bluetooth device. Step A - ENSURE T505 IS IN PAIRING MODE 1 PAIR Step B - TURN ON BLUETOOTH FEATURE ON YOUR DEVICE To use ..., the main indicator light will be steadily lit to indicate T505 is in pairing mode. Main Indicator Light (steadily blue for pairing mode) Bluetooth Link > Setup....
  • Motorola T505 | User Manual - Page 3
    ...-P YOU'RE FINISHED! After you have successfully set up your MOTOROKR T505, you don't need to repeat these steps. For daily use, ... call, a single tone indicates when call setup is complete. USING YOUR MOTOROKR T505 See Features and Functions Guide on the reverse side for details on using your T505...
  • Motorola T505 | User Manual - Page 4
    ...pairing mode. Make sure that any devices previously paired with the T505 are turned off. If the main indicator ... becomes steadily lit in blue indicating the T505 is now in pairing mode. My phone/music device doesn't find my MOTOROKR T505. ...(see step 1b) and pair your device and T505 again (see step 1c...
  • Motorola T505 | User Manual - Page 5
    ... minutes. INSTALLING IN CAR To install the T505 in your car, first slide metal visor clip onto T505, then secure T505 to the sun visor in your car as shown below. Tip: The visor clip attaches to your T505 in both directions. Slide the clip in the direction of...
  • Motorola T505 | User Manual - Page 6
    .... CHARGING BATTERY 1 Plug the Motorola charger into the charging port on the rear of your T505 as shown. LISTENING TO... Tap Volume Down button 2 Disconnect the charger. Note: Your T505 is operational while charging; however, it is not recommended to charge your T505 while clipped to your sun visor.
  • Motorola T505 | User Manual - Page 7
    ...and hold Power button (to turn off T505) End a call Answer a call Reject ... audio to your phone Note: Your T505 supports both Handsfree and Headset ... depends upon which profile your phone supports. See your phone's user... off. MAIN INDICATOR LIGHT When T505 Off and Charger Plugged In Indicator Status...
  • Motorola T505 | User Manual - Page 8
    ... LIGHT When T505 On Indicator Steady green Steady blue Status Setup menu active Pairing mode ... light stops flashing to conserve power (but the T505 remains on). AUDIO TONES CONTINUED Audio Tone ... of range ADVANCED FEATURES When T505 Turned On Function Enter pairing mode Reset station finder Action ...

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Motorola T505 - MOTOROKR - Speaker Phone Manual