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Netgear FVG318 - ProSafe 802.11g Wireless VPN Firewall 8 Router Manual

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ProSafe 802.11g Wireless VPN Firewall FVG318 Reference Manual LEDs Never Turn Off When the firewall is turned on, the LEDs turn on briefly and then turn off. If all the LEDs stay on, there is a fault within the firewall. If all LEDs are still on one minute after power up: • • Cycle the power to see if the firewall recovers. Clear the firewall's configuration to factory defaults. This will set the firewall's IP address to This procedure is explained in "Restoring the Default Configuration and Password" on page 9-6. If the error persists, you might have a hardware problem and should contact technical support. LAN or Internet Port LEDs Not On If either the LAN LEDs or Internet LED do not light when the Ethernet connection is made, check the following Make sure that the Ethernet cable connections are secure at the firewall and at the hub or workstation. Make sure that power is turned on to the connected hub or workstation. Be sure you are using the correct cable: When connecting the firewall's Internet port to a cable or DSL modem, use the cable that was supplied with the cable or DSL modem. This cable could be a standard straight-through Ethernet cable or an Ethernet crossover cable. Troubleshooting the Web Configuration Interface If you are unable to access the firewall's Web Configuration interface from a PC on your local network, check the following: • • Check the Ethernet connection between the PC and the firewall as described in the previous section. Make sure your PC's IP address is on the same subnet as the firewall. If you are using the recommended addressing scheme, your PC's address should be in the range of to 9-2 v1.0, September 2007 Troubleshooting

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Netgear FVG318 - ProSafe 802.11g Wireless VPN Firewall 8 Router Manual