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Section I - Hardware Installation Installing the OkiLAN Utilities Software in Windows 1. Insert the OkiLAN CD into your CD-ROM drive. 2. The Setup screen appears automatically (if it doesn't, click Start®Run, then enter D:\setup, if "D" is your CD-ROM drive). 3. Select the utility group for the network environment you have, then click Next. 4. Select the specific utility you want to install and the proper location for installation, then click Install. Windows Utility Groups: NetWare Management Utilities OkiNet Utility for NetWare OkiNet Utility for NDS (Workstation and Server) OkiNet Utility for NDS (Workstation) OkiNet Connect Windows Printing OkiNet Connect for TCP/IP (Windows 95/98) OkiNet Connect for TCP/IP (Windows NT) OkiNet Connect for IPX/SPX (Windows 95/98) OkiNet Connect for IPX/SPX Windows NT) OkiNet Connect DLC (Windows 95/98) OkiNet Connect DLC (Windows NT) TCP/IP Management Utilities OkiNet Utilities for TCP/IP OkiNet Alert for TCP/IP Okidata MIB BootP Server I - 10 OKI OkiLAN 6020e User's Guide

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Oki ML421 Manual