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h Inserting Batteries Built-in speaker DIGITAL VOICE RECORDER 1 Press down on the arrow and slide the battery cover open. EN INSTRUCTIONS VN-6500 VN-6000 VN-5500 VN-5000 2 Insert two size-AAA alkaline batteries, observing the correct polarity. Thank you for purchasing an Olympus Digital Voice Recorder. Please read these instructions for information about using the product correctly and safely. Keep the instructions handy for future reference. To ensure successful recordings, we recommend that you test the record function and volume before use. 3 Close the battery cover completely. Shinjuku Monolith, 3-1 Nishi-Shinjuku 2-chome, Shinjyuku-ku, Tokyo 163-0914, Japan. Tel. 03-3340-2111 http://www.olympus.com • Time and date display appears. • The "Hour" indicator flashes, indicating the start of the time and date setup process. (See "Setting Time and Date [TIME]" for details). 3500 Corporate Parkway, P.O. Box 610, Center Valley, PA 18034-0610, U.S.A. Tel. 1-888-553-4448 http://www.olympusamerica.com (Premises/Goods delivery) Wendenstrasse 14-18, 20097 Hamburg, Germany. Tel. 040-237730 (Letters) Postfach 10 49 08. 20034 Hamburg, Germany. http://www.olympus-europa.com An optional Ni-MH Rechargeable Battery (BR401) from Olympus can be used for the recorder. Replacing Batteries: When [ ] appears on the display, replace the batteries as soon aspossible. Size-AAA alkaline batteries are recommended. When the batteries are depleted, [ ] appears on the display, and the recorder shuts off. It is recommended to set the HOLD switch to the [HOLD] position before you replace batteries to maintain the current settings (Time and date, etc.). For your convenience, the recorder also logs the current settings in nonvolatile memory at hourly intervals. Vision House 19 Colonial Way Watford Hertfordshire WD24 4JL. Tel. +44 (0)1923 831000 http://www.olympus.co.uk Introduction • • • The contents of this document may be changed in the future without advanced notice. Contact our Customer Support Center for the latest information relating to product names and model numbers. The utmost care has been taken to ensure the integrity of the contents of this document. In the unlikely event that a questionable item, error, or omission is found, please contact our Customer Support Center. Any liability for passive damages or damage of any kind occurred due to data loss incurred by a defect of the product, repair performed by the third party other than Olympus or an Olympus authorized service station, or any other reason is excluded. h Power Supply The HOLD switch functions as a power button. When you do not use the recorder, set the HOLD switch to the [HOLD] position while the recorder is stopped. This will power off the recorder and minimize the battery drain. Power on: Reset the HOLD switch. Power off: Set the HOLD switch to the [HOLD] position. Standby Mode and Display Shut Off: If the recorder is stopped or paused for 60 minutes or longer during recording or play back, it goes into Standby (power-save) mode, and the display shuts off. To exit Standby mode and turn on the display, press any button. h Safe and Proper Usage Before using your new recorder, read this manual carefully to ensure that you know how to operate it safely and correctly. Keep this manual in an easily accessible location for future reference. • The warning symbols indicate important safety related information. To protect yourself and others from personal injury or damage to property, it is essential that you always read the warnings and information provided. hHold Set the HOLD switch to the [HOLD] position. All operation buttons are disabled. This feature is useful when the recorder has to be carried in a handbag or pocket. Remember to reset the HOLD switch before attempting to use the recorder. Notes: • The alarm will sound at the scheduled time even if the recorder is set to [HOLD] position. The recorder will then begin to play the file associated with the alarm once you press any button. • The recorder functions as follows with the HOLD switch set to the [HOLD] position: - If the recorder is playing, the display goes dark when playback of the current file has completed. - If the recorder is recording, the display goes dark when the recorder stops recording automatically upon running out of free memory. h How to Use the Strap Getting Started h Identification of Parts 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Built-in Microphone MIC (Microphone) jack HOLD switch STOP (4) button PLAY (`) button 0 (Rewind) button Battery cover FOLDER/INDEX button 1 2 9 9 EAR (Earphone) jack 0 Display (LCD panel) ! Record/play indicator light @ REC (s) button # + button $ 9 (Fast Forward) button % - button ^ DISP/MENU button & ERASE (s) button Strap hole 0 3 4 5 6 7 8 • Strap is not supplied. h Notes on the Folders The recorder provides four folders and [ ]. To change the folder selection, press the FOLDER/INDEX button while the recorder is stopped. Each recorded file is stored in a folder. Note: • Using folders to classify files makes it convenient to find files you want to access later. Up to a total of 100 files can be recorded in each folder. Current folder -1- U1-BS0120-02 AP0904 -2-

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Olympus VN-6000 Manual