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Troubleshooting and Error Messages Problem The handset stops working during operation. You cannot use the handset during a power failure. The headset does not work. The handset will not function during a power failure because the PBX stops emitting radiowaves. A headset tone cannot be heard when receiving an incoming call when the headset is attached. • Make sure the headset ringer setting is set to "On". (See "Incoming Option" on page 59.) • Make sure the headset jack is connected properly. (See "Location of Controls" on page 8.) • Place the handset and CS away from other electrical appliances. • Move closer to the CS. The radio signal is weak. Move closer to the CS. Possible Cause Solution Re-insert the batteries and try again. (See "Battery Installation" on page 5.) Noise is frequently heard. Two short beeps are heard during a conversation. You charged the batteries for 7 hours, but the beep tones sound, and flashes (needs to be charged) after a few telephone calls. While charging the batteries, the handset and the AC adaptor feel warm. The battery charge contacts may be dirty. It is time to change the batteries. Clean the battery charge contacts without damaging them and charge once more. Replace with new batteries. These are normal conditions. 69

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Panasonic KXWT126 Manual