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Using other functions 09 Checking your system settings Use the status display screen to check your current settings for features such as surround back channel processing and your current MCACC preset. Default system settings Setting Digital Video Converter SPEAKERS Speaker System Front Center Speaker Setting FH/FW Surr SB SW Surround Position Crossover X-Curve DIMMER Inputs See Input function default and possible settings on page 28 . HDMI HDMI Audio VSX-53 only: HDMI output Control Control Mode Display Power Off Audio playback Power On Level Volume Limit Mute Level Phase Control iPod/USB, HOME MEDIA GALLERY, ADAPTER PORT input function Other input functions LAST OFF FULL ON Amp HDMI OUT ALL ON PQLS NO Setting Default ON SB/FH Normal (SB/FH) SMALL SMALL SMALL SMALL SMALLx2 YES IN REAR 80 Hz OFF Brightest 2 PL IIz Options Height Gain Listening Mode (2 ch/multi ch) Listening Mode (Headphones) Neo:6 Options Center Image 2 PL II Music Options Sound Delay Dual Mono DRC SACD Gain LFE Attenuate Auto delay Digital Safety Effect Level ExtendedStereo Other modes Center Width Dimension Panorama Default 0.0 frame CH1 AUTO 0 dB 0 dB OFF OFF 90 50 3 0 OFF Neo:6 CINEMA: 10 Neo:6 MUSIC: 3 MID AUTO SURROUND STEREO 1 Press to the receiver operation mode, then press STATUS to check the system settings. The front panel display shows each of the following settings for three seconds each: Input Source d Sampling Frequency d MCACC preset d ZONE 2 input d ZONE 3 input (VSX-53 only) d HDMI OUT (VSX-53 only). 2 When you're finished, press STATUS again to switch off the display. Resetting the system Use this procedure to reset all the receiver's settings to the factory default. Use the front panel controls to do this. Set MULTI-ZONE to MULTI ZONE OFF. ! Disconnect the iPod and USB memory device from the receiver beforehand. ! Set the Control with HDMI to OFF (see HDMI Setup on page 47 ). All Inputs See also Setting the Audio options on page 50 for other default DSP settings. MCACC MCACC Position Memory Channel Level (M1 to M6) Speaker Distance (M1 to M6) Standing Wave (M1 to M6) EQ Data (M1 to M6) ATT of all channels/filters All channels/ bands EQ Wide Trim M1: MEMORY 1 0.0 dB 10'00'' 0.0 dB 1 Switch the receiver into standby. 2 While holding down ENTER on the front panel, press u STANDBY/ON. The display shows RESET c NO d. 3 Select 'RESET' using PRESET k/l, then press ENTER on the front panel. The display shows RESET? OK. SWch Wide Trim 0.0 dB 0.0 dB 0.0 dB 4 Press ENTER to confirm. Auto Sound Retriever OK appears in the display to indicate that the receiver has been reset to the factory default settings. ! Note that all settings will be saved, even if the receiver is unplugged. ON OFF En 55

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Pioneer VSX-53 Manual