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  • Plantronics K100 | User Guide - Page 1
    LEARN MORE K100™ Bluetooth® In-car Speakerphone
  • Plantronics K100 | User Guide - Page 2
    ...tone) • Initiate phone's voice-dialing (2-second press until second tone is heard) • Activate manual pairing (with power off,...FM channel (press and hold until station option is announced) • With micro USB or car charger: 2.5 hours (100% charge) • Best performance when fully charged ...
  • Plantronics K100 | User Guide - Page 3
    ...the Bluetooth feature on your phone, then use the phone's settings to add/search/discover new Bluetooth devices. iPhone: Settings > ...> Search for devices VIDEO TUTORIAL FOR USA: 2. SET First Time: With speakerphone turned off, activate Bluetooth pairing mode by pressing...
  • Plantronics K100 | User Guide - Page 4
    ... You can listen to calls through your car stereo speakers by transferring the audio from the speakerphone to one of five FM channel ... also hear streaming audio like GPS instructions and music through your car speakers. Suggested placement 1. READY Ensure that your phone and speakerphone are powered ...
  • Plantronics K100 | User Guide - Page 5
    ... the speakerphone and phone tried to pair but failed When the phone and speakerphone lose the Bluetooth connection After ending a call or when using ... reaching the highest volume setting After turning the speakerphone on or reconnecting a dropped Bluetooth signal After tapping the Mute ...
  • Plantronics K100 | User Guide - Page 6
    ... exit your car. If you ing and holding the Mute button for forget, the speakerphone will... phone is not normal tone of voice and be heard. within range, or the Bluetooth feature is turned within range that has been previously paired with the speakerphone can be connected by tapping the Multi-...
  • Plantronics K100 | User Guide - Page 7
    ... Talk Time Standby Time Operating Distance (Range) Speakerphone Weight Speakerphone Dimensions Charge Connector Battery Type Charge Time (Maximum) Power Requirements Bluetooth Version Bluetooth Profiles Operating, Storage and Charging Temperature Up to 17 ...
  • Plantronics K100 | User Guide - Page 8
    ...: © 2011 Plantronics, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Plantronics and K100 are trademarks or registered trademarks of Plantronics, Inc. The Bluetooth word mark and logos are owned by the Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and any use of such marks by Plantronics, Inc. is under ...

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