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RCA DRC247N User Guide

RCA DRC247N Manual

RCA DRC247N manual table of contents:

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    .... • Turn on the audio equipment connected to the player, if any. The remote control does not work or works ..., make sure the disc tray is empty. DVD Player User's Guide DRC247N TVG Mode You can select ... To Turn on the DVD player OPEN/CLOSE - To open and close the disc tray. SENSOR - Remote sensor. ...
  • RCA DRC247N | User Guide - Page 2
    ... This appliance is designed for continuous use. Switching off the DVD player to stand-by mode does not disconnect it ...'s code is Region 1. Operating the DVD player I. Switch on yourTV set. 2. Press the button on the remote control or the POWER button located on the DVD player's front panel. Playback ...

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RCA DRC247N Manual