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Remote Controls 1. ON•OFF Turns on/off the unit. 2. SLEEP Selects sleep time. 3. NIGHT Selects among night mode options (DRC ON/DRC OFF/DRC SOFT) which compresses the volume difference between normal voices and sounds such as explosions. (Available only during Dolby digital signal playback) The setting is also available in SETUP MENU. 4. TEST TONE Speaker test tone setting. Refer to "Advanced Sound Control" for details. 5. SURROUND Selects among digital surround sound effects. (HALL, CHURCH, CLUB, STADIUM, STUDIO, STEREO, DOLBY PL EMULATION, DOLBY PL II MUSIC, DOLBY PL II MOVIE) depending on input signal. 6. DISTANCE Adjusts the speakers' listening distance. AM/FM GAME/LINE-IN Remote Controls 10. MEM + / MEM Selects programmed stations in AM/FM mode. 11. TUNER + Tap to increase the radio frequency in AM/FM mode. Press and hold to search next available station in ascending frequencies. 12. EQ buttons Selects among preset equalizer mode (POP, FLAT, JAZZ, CLASSIC, ROCK, BASS and TREBLE). Press the corresponding button to select the desired sound mode. This function is only available in Stereo mode. 13. Number buttons Directly accesses a preset station in AM/FM mode. 14. MEMORY Stores stations as preset stations in AM/FM mode. 15. MONO/ST Selects between Stereo and Mono sound in FM mode. 16. SETUP Enters Setup mode. Use / to select among setup options. 17. MUTE Mutes all sound. 18. VOL + / VOL Adjusts the volume. 19. EXIT Exits the current setting. 20. TUNER Tap to decrease the radio frequency in AM/FM mode. Press and hold to search next available station in descending frequencies. 21. Source buttons Selects audio sources. Operating Your Unit Selecting Source When one of the SOURCE buttons on the front panel or on the remote control is pressed, the corresponding input will be activated. The unit acts as a switching device between all the sources that are plugged into it. Example 1: If you have connected a DVD player to HDMI IN 3 (DVD) jack on the unit, press DVD on the front panel or on the remote control to receive the sounds transmitted by the DVD. Example 2: If a VCR is connected to the VCR jack of the unit, press VCR on the front panel or on the remote control, the sound from the VCR will be selected. You can connect up to 9 audio sources to this amplifier: SOURCE buttons on front panel BD SAT-CABLE DVD TV AM/FM VCR GAME/LINE-IN SOURCE buttons on remote control BD SAT/CAB DVD TV AM/FM VCR GAME/LINE-IN Corresponding connector at the rear panel HDMI IN 1 HDMI IN 2 HDMI IN 3 TV built-in VCR LINE- IN & GAME jacks on the front panel Operating Your Unit Example: Connecting a Blu-ray Player 1. Connect the HDMI output of Blu-ray player to HDMI IN 1 jack on the rear panel of the unit. 2. Press ON/STANDBY on the front panel of the unit or press ON•OFF on the remote control to switch on the unit. 3. Press BD on the main unit or remote control to select BD source. 4. Switch ON the Blu-ray player and start playback. 5. Set the SURROUND mode if needed (see "Advanced Sound Control" for details). 3. Repeat step 2 to tune to another radio station. 4. To prematurely stop the searching function, press TUNER+ or TUNER- button on the remote control. 5. Adjust the volume by pressing VOL +/ VOL -. Manual Tuning Press TUNER+ or TUNER- button on the remote control or or button on the front panel of the unit repeatedly to tune a desired frequency. Automatic Preset Programming The unit can preset 30 FM stations and 30 AM stations. Before tuning, make sure to turn down the volume. 1. Press AM/FM to enter the AM/FM mode. 2. Press and hold AM/FM for two seconds to start automatic preset programming. 3. Radio frequencies will be browsed and radio stations stored automatically. When all the available radio stations are stored or all 60 preset stations (30 for AM and 30 for FM) memory locations are full, the auto preset programming function will stop. Manual Preset 1. Press AM/FM to select the desired radio mode. 2. Press and hold TUNER+/TUNER- button on the / button on the front remote control or panel of the unit until the system tunes in a station. 3. Press MEMORY. While the Program Preset number is still flashing, input your desired preset number using the numeric buttons, then press MEMORY to store it. Select Preset Stations 1. Press AM/FM to enter the Tuner mode with selecting AM or FM band. / on the main unit repeatedly or 2. Press directly press MEM + / MEM - button on the remote control to search for the preset stations. Each time you press the button, the system tunes in one preset station. 1 2 13 3 4 14 15 16 5 6 7 17 8 9 18 19 20 10 11 12 BD Example: Connecting a TV to a digital input 1. If TV has an optical digital audio output, connect it to the OPTICAL jack on the rear panel of the unit. 2. Press ON•OFF on the remote control to switch on the unit. 3. Press TV button to select TV mode. 4. Press the SETUP button to show setup options. unit DIMMER 0/DIMMER 1, CTR 5. Press / YES/CTR NO, SUR YES/SUR NO or ANALOG are displayed. 6. Press / to select among HDMI 1 / HDMI 2 / HDMI 3 / OPTICAL / COAXIAL / ANALOG to match your connection (OPTICAL). Your selection will be stored for future use automatically. 7. Switch on the TV. Tips: • When you tune at a weak FM station manually, press MONO/ST on remote control to switch from Stereo to Mono mode. This will reduce the background noise. • If there is any interference, change the antenna's position until ideal sound reception is obtained. TV and other electronic devices could be the cause of interference, so try to position the antenna away from them. GAME 1. Connects audio out jacks of the TV game to the GAME jacks on the front panel of the unit. 2. Press the GAME/LINE-IN button on the front panel repeatedly to select GAME mode. LINE-IN 1. Connects one end of the 3.5mm stereo cable (not included) to the LINE-IN connector on the front panel of the unit and the other to the line out or headphone jack on an external source. 2. Press GAME/LINE-IN on the front panel to select LINE-IN mode. 21 TV VCR DVD SAT/CAB 7. / / / RADIO The unit has a built-in tuner that allows for AM/FM radio function. Connect the FM antenna and the AM loop antenna at the back of the unit. Rotate the AM loop for better reception. Automatic Tuning 1. Press AM/FM. 2. Press and hold TUNER+ or TUNER- button on or button on the the remote control or front panel of the unit until the auto searching starts. Searching stops when the system tunes in a station. (Once the FM station that broadcasts Stereo sound is found, STEREO is displayed.) SOURCE • Press / to select among setting items in Setup mode. • Press / to adjust the values when the display shows the setup you want to change. • Press OK to confirm your selection. 8. LEVEL Speaker level setting. Refer to "Advanced Sound Control" for details. The source name you selected will be shown on the display. SETTING THE SLEEP TIMER You can set the system to turn off at a preset time, so you can fall asleep listening to music. You can preset the time in 30-minutes increments. 1. Press SLEEP button on the remote control. 2. Each time you press SLEEP, the minutes display (the remaining time) changes by 30 minutes. 3. When you set the sleep timer, "SLEEP" icon will be shown on the front panel display. • To change the remaining time, press SLEEP repeatedly to select the desired time. • To clear the preset sleep time, press the SLEEP button until SLP OFF appears. RCR192A B2 Install two "AAA" batteries in the remote control prior to use. NOTE: Batteries shall not be exposed to excessive heat such as sunshine, fire or the like. 9. SUBWOOFER Selects among subwoofer sound levels. (BALANCE, STRONG, POWERFUL or SOFT) by pressing / key after pressing SUBWOOFER. The setting is also available in SETUP MENU. Notes: • Your unit has a built-in tuner. Just connect the appropriate antenna to the back of the unit and you will be able to listen to radio stations. (For details, please refer to Radio section) • Connections at the back panel can be interchanged depending on whether sources have the same audio input. - 11 - - 12 - - 13 - - 14 - Advanced Sound Control Sound Enhancement Systems This receiver is equipped with several built-in sound enhancement systems. Dolby Digital The Dolby Digital mode lets you enjoy full digital surround from software processed in the Dolby Digital format. Dolby Digital provides better sound quality and a more powerful presence than conventional Dolby Surround. This unit is equipped with Dolby Digital 5.1-channel so that you can enjoy enhanced full digital surround sound. Different from Dolby ProLogic in that only four channels (Front Left, Front Right, Centre and Rear) are used, the new system provides stereo separation of the rear speakers (Rear-Right, RearLeft). Adding the subwoofer channel to the 5 channels for bass sounds (counted as 0.1 channel) results in 5.1 channels (or 6 Channels) input Dolby Digital for that bring you the most sophisticated sound enjoyment. Dolby Pro Logic II The Pro Logic II mode uses the built-in circuit to steer the Left, Center, Right and Surround left and right channel audio signals and uses all five speakers to play both stereo and Dolby Pro Logic program source, such as TV and VCR. Dolby Pro Logic II includes Dolby Pro Logic II Movie, Dolby Pro Logic II Music and Dolby Pro Logic Emulation. You can use this mode with any stereo program source (such as VCR/TV) to enjoy multi-channel sound experience. Front Left Speaker Front Left Speaker CenterSpeaker Center Speaker Front Right Speaker Front Right Speaker Manufactured under license from Dolby Laboratories. Dolby, Pro Logic, and the double-D symbol are trademarks of Dolby Laboratories. Advanced Sound Control You can select the surround mode by pressing SURROUND follow by / key to select among different options. (HALL, CHURCH, CLUB, STADIUM, STUDIO, STEREO, DOLBY PL EMULATION, DOLBY PL II MUSIC, DOLBY PL II MOVIE) The default surround modes for different components are listed in the table below. The unit will keep the last selection in memory. Source Input If digital input (HDMI, optical or coaxial) is selected DVD Dolby Digital SAT-CABLE Dolby Digital BD Dolby Digital Dolby Digital TV AM/FM AM/FM VCR N/A Dolby Digital GAME LINE-IN N/A If analog input is selected Advanced Sound Control Analog Inputs The Home Theater has four analog audio inputs: TV, VCR, GAME and LINE-IN. Note: To play Dolby Prologic II Movie sound when listening to an analog audio source, press the SURROUND buttons until "Dolby PL II MOVIE" appears on the Display. To play Dolby Digital sound, the source must be connected to the unit via HDMI, Optical or Coaxial terminals. Troubleshooting Tips Notes: • CNTR stands for "Center Speaker" selection while SURR stands for "Surround Speaker" selection. • By default, the Center and Surround Speakers are set to YES. If you decide not to use them, set the ones you do not intend to use to NO so that the sound performance is not affected. Fine Setting of the Components Speaker Configurations You can also change the setup of the speakers. Use a subwoofer to enjoy optimum sound. For optimum surround experience measure the distance between the speaker and your favorite listening position. Press DISTANCE to adjust the speakers' distance values. 1. Press the DISTANCE button to show setup options. 2. Continue to press the DISTANCE button until the speaker you want to adjust is displayed. 3. Press / to change the speaker settings. Your selection will be stored automatically. 4. Repeat step 2 and 3 to set up the next speaker. You may adjust the distance within the following ranges: • Front Speaker distance (FRNT):0-25ft • Center Speaker distance (CNTR): 0-25ft • Rear Speaker distance (SURR): 0-20ft 5. When set up is done, wait for five seconds to automatically save your settings or press any buttons to save your selection and set up mode. Factory Default Speaker Distance Settings • Front Speakers (FRNT): 15ft • Center Speaker (CNTR): 12ft • Rear Speakers (SURR): 10ft Front Left Center Cch Lch Rch AM / FM Operation STEREO indicator is off in FM mode • Adjust the antenna. • Press MONO / ST button to insure you are not outputting in mono. The signal is Mono. Severe hum or noise. • The signal is too weak. Connect an external antenna. • Adjust antenna. • Reposition antenna away from any electronics. There is interference to FM reception. • Turn off other electrical unit (e.g. DVD, BD, CD player) near the unit. Stereo Front Left Speaker Front Left Speaker Front Right Speaker Front Right Speaker Listening Zone Subwoofer The Stereo mode uses the two main channel outputs from the front speakers and subwoofer speaker. Use this mode if you have connected the front speakers only. DSP (Digital Sound Processor) These digital sound effects resemble sounds in a real environment such as (HALL, CHURCH, CLUB, STADIUM, STUDIO, STEREO, DOLBY PL EMULATION, DOLBY PL II MUSIC, DOLBY PL II MOVIE). DSP automatically converts analog audio signals to digital ones which enables you to adjust the sound without degrading the sound quality. Different modes will give you different feels of size and types of listening environment. Press SUBWOOFER follow by / key to select the subwoofer effects level according to you needs. Four settings are available: SOFT, BALANCE, STRONG and POWERFUL. Pro Logic II Movie Pro Logic II Movie Pro Logic II Movie Pro Logic II Movie Stereo Pro Logic II Movie Pro Logic II Movie Pro Logic II Music Fine Setting of the Speakers All the basic settings have already been preset for the speakers included in the box. Also, to make the surround sound more effective and suit the acoustic conditions in your listening room, you may need to delay the signal coming from some of the speakers. Channel delay compensates for center or surround speakers that are closer to the listening position than the front speakers. Testing and Adjusting Speaker Loudness The TEST TONE button on the remote control allows you to adjust each speaker volume level individually to suit your particular listening environment. 1. Press the TEST TONE button. 2. A tone will be heard at each speaker, one speaker at a time. / button on the remote control 3. Press the to adjust the level of the speaker that is playing the tone at the particular moment. The Home Theater's display will also indicate which speaker is playing the tone at any particular moment. 4. Press Exit button to exit this mode. Adjusting Speaker Loudness Without Using Test Tones 1. To adjust individual speaker volume level, press LEVEL on the remote control. 2. Continue to press LEVEL on the remote control to select the speaker to be adjusted, then press the / buttons to adjust the level. 3. Press Exit button to exit this mode. 1. Press the SETUP button to show setup options. 2. Press / until DIMMER 0 is displayed. 3. Press / to select between 0 and 1. Home Theater's Display Dimmer Control Remote Control Operation The remote control does not operate the unit. • No batteries installed (included with your system). Install the batteries before attempting to operate the remote. Be sure to match the + and - ends of each battery to the symbols shown in the remote battery compartment. • The batteries are weak. Replace all batteries. • The remote is not pointed at the remote control sensor on the main unit or there is an obstacle between the remote and the main unit. • The remote control is too far from the main unit, move closer. NIGHT Mode Selection HDMI and Digital Inputs The Home Theater has two digital audio inputs and three HDMI AV inputs for BD, SAT-CABLE, DVD, TV, or GAME sources. The default input is HDMI IN 1 for BD, HDMI IN 2 for SAT-CABLE, and HDMI IN 3 for DVD. However, if you need to assign a source to a different input: 1. Select the source (DVD, SAT-CABLE, BD, TV or GAME). 2. Press the SETUP button to show setup options. 3. Press / until HDMI 1/HDMI 2/HDMI 3/OPTICAL/ COAXIAL or ANALOG is displayed. 4. Press / to select among HDMI 1/HDMI 2/HDMI 3/OPTICAL/COAXIAL/ANALOG (different source will have different available inputs for selection) to match your connection. Your selection will be stored for future use automatically. You have the capability to change audio inputs for the SAT-CABLE, BD, TV or GAME sources. Source BD SAT-CABLE DVD TV AM/FM VCR GAME LINE-IN Default input HDMI IN 1 (BD: HD1) HDMI IN 2 (SAT:HD 2) HDMI IN 3 (DVD:HD 3) Rear Analog (TV: ANLG) Built-in tuner Rear Analog (VCR) Front Analog (GAME: FRNT) Front Analog (LINE-IN) "Night Mode" will limit the volume on loud passages of movies (such as action sequences) while still allowing you to hear quiet passages (such as dialog). 1. Press the SETUP button to show setup options. 2. Press / until "DIMMER 0" or "DIMMER 1" is displayed. / to select between DIMMER 0 and 3. Press DIMMER 1. 4. It is available only during Dolby Digital signal playback. General No audio. • Make sure the speakers are connected. • Check the input connections. • Check the power cord connections. • Make sure MUTE is off. • Make sure the digital setting (optical, coaxial or analog) is correct. • Check that the headphone is not inserted. No audio from one channel. • Check the speaker level setting. • Check the speaker wire or external source cable connections. Noise occurs when the TV is turned on. • The TV is too close to the audio system. Not getting audio from all speakers. • Check your Surround Mode setting (under Advanced Sound Control section of this book). Your Home Theater has a number of different SURROUND MODE settings, it defaults to modes most suited to the type of audio content being played - however you can change these settings. Some of these modes, (such as DOLBY DIGITAL, and Dolby PROLOGIC II), will cause all speakers to be active, while other modes, (such as STEREO and 3-STEREO), will cause your rear speakers to be inactive. You can always test your Home Theater amplifier - and each speaker, by using the built-in TEST TONE generator (press TEST TONE button on remote control). - 18 - SUBWOOFER Mode Selection Front Right 1. Press the SETUP button to show setup options. 2. Press / until current SUBWOOFER mode is displayed. 3. Press / to select among "BALANCE", "STRONG", "POWERFUL" or "SOFT " is scrolled once. Restore To Factory Defaults L/S R/S Rear Left Rear Right If you want to restore all settings to their factory defaults, please do the following: Press and hold the SETUP button on the front panel for 10 seconds, at which time a message will be displayed indicating that a factory reset is occurring. You can then stop pressing the SETUP button. Warning: All factory defaults will be restored except for your radio station presets. Many BD-Live compatible discs require content to be downloaded onto USB flash drive in order to access the available BD-Live features. A USB flash drive with free space > 1GB needs to be inserted prior to inserting the BD-Live compatible disc. Listening Zone Subwoofer Rear Left RearSpeaker Left Speaker Center / Surround Speaker Setup 1. Press the SETUP button on the remote control or front panel to show setup options. 2. Press / until CTR YES or SUR YES is displayed. 3. Press / to select between YES and No. Rear Right Speaker Rear Right Speaker - 15 - - 16 - - 17 - Care and Maintenance Disconnect the audio system from the power source before performing any maintenance. Technical Specifications Amplifier Section: RMS Output Power: Dolby Digital Mode with 10% Total Harmonic Distortion Front, Rear and Center Channel: 100 Watts per channel (1kHz, 8Ω) Subwoofer Channel: 100 Watts (100Hz, 8Ω) Total RMS Output Power, Dolby Digital mode: 600 W Muting Attenuation: 65dB Frequency Response: 200Hz/3dB, 1KHz ref. Subwoofer Frequency Response: 25Hz/-3dB, 80Hz ref. Signal to Noise Ratio: 65dB (Dolby Digital mode) Limited Warranty AVC MULTIMEDIA ("AVC") makes the following limited warranty. This limited warranty extend to the original consumer purchaser and is limited to non-commercial use of the product. One Year Parts & Labor Warranty AVC products purchased in the United States or Canada are warranted to be free from defects in materials or workmanship for a period of one year from the date of their original retail purchase. If the unit fails to conform to this warranty, we will service the product using new or refurbished parts and products, at AVC's sole discretion. During a period of one year from the effective warranty date, AVC will provide, when needed, service labor to repair a manufacturing defect at its designated Service Center. To obtain warranty service in the United States or Canada, you must first call our Customer Support Center at 1-877-252-6873, during the hours listed in the box below. The determination of service will be made by AVC Customer Support. PLEASE DO NOT RETURN YOUR UNIT TO AVC WITHOUT PRIOR AUTHORIZATION. New or remanufactured replacements for defective parts or products will be used for repairs by AVC at its designated Service Center for one year from the effective warranty date. Such replacement parts or products are warranted for an additional one year from the date of repair or replacement. The Customer will be required to ship the unit to the Service Center indicated at the time Customer Support is contacted to make the necessary repairs. The customer is responsible for all transportation charges to the service facility. Packaging and Shipping Instruction When you send the product to the AVC service facility you must use the original carton box and packing material or an equivalent as designated by AVC. Limited Warranty All warranties implied by state law, including the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, are expressly limited to the duration of the limited warranties set forth above. With the exception of any warranties implied by state law as hereby limited, the foregoing warranty is exclusive and in lieu of all other warranties, guarantees, agreements and similar obligations of manufacturer or seller with respect to the repair or replacement of any parts. In no event shall AVC be liable for consequential or incidental damages. No person, agent, distributor, dealer or company is authorized to change, modify or extend the terms of these warranties in any manner whatsoever. The time within action must be commenced to enforce any obligation of AVC arising under the warranty or under any statute, or law of the United States or Canada or any state thereof, is hereby limited to one year from the date of purchase. This limitation does not apply to implied warranties arising under state law. This warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may also have other rights, which may vary, from state to state. Some states do not allow limitation on how long an implied warranty lasts, when an action may be brought, or the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above provisions may not apply to you. For more information on other products and services, please visit our web site at www.RCAav.com Important: Also keep your "Bill of Sale" as proof of purchase. Model no...Product name ... Cleaning the exterior Disconnect the system from AC power before cleaning the exterior of the system with a soft dust cloth, or with a slightly damp leather chamois. Never use strong solvents. Important Battery Information • Remove the batteries to avoid leakage if you do not use your remote control for more than one month. • Discard leaky batteries immediately as leaking batteries may cause skin burns or other personal injuries. • Dispose of batteries in the proper manner, according to provincial and local regulations. • Any battery may leak electrolyte if mixed with a different battery type, if inserted incorrectly, if all batteries are not replaced at the same time, if disposed of in fire, or if an attempt is made to charge a battery not intended to be recharged. AM Tuner Section: Frequency Response: 2kHz +/-6dB, 1kHz ref. Usable Sensitivity: 800uV/m @ S/N 20dB Signal to Noise: 38dB IF Rejection: 35dB Safety Precautions • Never open the cabinet under any circumstances. Any repairs or internal adjustments should be made only by a trained technician. • Never operate this product with the cabinet removed. • Do not touch the player with wet hands. If any liquid enters the player cabinet, take the player to a trained technician for inspection. • The apparatus shall not be exposed to dripping and splashing. • No object filled with liquids, such as vases, shall be placed on the apparatus. • No naked flame sources such as lighted candles, shall be placed on the apparatus. FM Tuner Section: Frequency Response: 12kHz +/-3dB, 1kHz ref. Quieting: 24dBu Signal to Noise: 60dB(stereo) / 65dB(mono) IF Rejection: 50dB Dimensions (H x W x D mm) : Unit: 69 x 430 x 325 Front and Surround Speakers: 120 x 110 x 90 Center Speaker: 120 x 180 x 90 Subwoofer: 370 x 180 x 330 LIMITED WARRANTY Your Responsibility (1) You must retain the original sale receipt to provide proof of purchase. (2) These warranties are effective only if the product is purchased and operated in the United States or Canada. (3) Warranties extend only to defects in material or workmanship, and do not extend to any product or parts which have been lost or discarded, or damage to product or parts caused by misuse, accident, improper operation or maintenance, or use in violation of instructions provided with the product, or to product which has been altered or modified without authorization of AVC, or to products or parts thereof which have had the serial number removed or changed. Type of set...Serial no...Date purchased ...FOR SERVICE AND REPAIR, PLEASE VISIT Invoice no...Dealer name ... www. RCAav.com Need more help? Please visit online help at http://www.RCAav.com Specifications and external appearance are subject to change without notice. Out of Warranty In the event your product requires repair after the limited warranty period has expired, please contact our Customer Support Center at 1-877-252-6873, 1-800-506-5746 or www.RCAav.com Hours: Monday-Thursday: 9am-7pm, Friday: 9am-5pm, Saturday: 9am-NOON Eastern time. Important: You are responsible for any transportation, shipping or insurance relative to the return of product to our Product Returns Center. - 19 - - 20 - - 21 - - 22 -

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