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RCA VH126N Owner/User Manual

RCA VH126N Manual

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RCA VH126N manual table of contents:

  • RCA VH126N | Owner/User Manual - Page 1
    Programmable Antenna Rotator VH126N User's Manual Unpacking Make sure the following pieces are in ...nuts/washers so that they leave just enough room for the support mast to go through. 6. Lower the drive unit onto the support mast until it stops on the mast nose of the drive housing. Tighten the nuts....
  • RCA VH126N | Owner/User Manual - Page 2
    ...stand-off insulators (not included) approximately every four feet. 8. Tape the rotator control cable directly to the support mast. IMPORTANT: Do not overtighten ... of antenna mast between the rotor and the antenna itself. Antenna 1 wire #1 to #1 3. Insert each bare wire into ...
  • RCA VH126N | Owner/User Manual - Page 3
    ... storm or power failure may cause the rotator to change position. Use the INITIAL key... you the best reception Using the Programmable for this channel. Antenna Rotator INITIAL MEMORY SEC.... To fine-tune the antenna position (or position manually): Press the > or < keys on the remote control or control...
  • RCA VH126N | Owner/User Manual - Page 4
    ...ANT POSITION indicator displays the rotator cycle time. The control unit uses this information to keep the antenna positions and program locations synchronized. Resetting the... © 2008 Audiovox Accessories Corporation 111 Congressional Blvd., Suite 350 Carmel, IN 46032 VH126N US IB...
  • RCA VH126N | Owner/User Manual - Page 5
    ...antenna for safety and performance. Most antennas are supported by pipe masts attached to the chimney, roof,...your house and your TV/FM installation, your antenna system must be properly ... five feet of the point where it enters the building • Grounded metallic service raceway • Grounded electrical ...

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RCA VH126N Manual