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Ricoh FW780 Manual

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SERVICE CALL CONDITIONS SC Code E-8: Fusing Warm-up Error Definition After turning on the machine, the temperature detected by the hot roller thermistor does not reach the target ready temperature within 12 minutes. Points to Check • Hot roller thermistor • Fusing lamp • Fusing thermofuse • AC drive board • Main board (CN102-A3, -A5, -B11, -B13, -B14) • AC harness SC Code E-9: Toner Density Sensor Abnormal Definition The toner density sensor voltage is less than 0.5 volts or more than 4.5 volts. NOTE: After initializing the developer, this condition cannot be triggered until at least 251 copies are made. Points to Check • Toner density sensor • Flow of the developer at the toner density sensor area • Main board (CN105-A5, -A6, -B25, -B26) SC Code E-10: Main Motor Abnormal Definition The main motor is on, but the main board does not receive a signal from the motor for two seconds. Points to Check • Main motor • Mechanical interference of the main motor drive • Main board (CN103-1, -2) SC Code E-11: Toner Density Sensor Adjustment Error Definition The new developer initialization process cannot adjust the toner density sensor voltage to its standard range (4.1± 0.1 volts). NOTE: After clearing the SP code, the previous data of SP#-30 will continue to be used until the next toner initialization. Points to Check • Toner density sensor • Developer • Flow of the developer at the toner density sensor area • Main board (CN105-A5, -A6, -B25, -B26) SM 6-3 B047/B048 Troubleshooting

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Ricoh FW780 Manual