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Samsung HM1700 Manual

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Using voice prompts Voice prompts will inform you about the current status of the headset and usage instructions. If you can't hear any voice prompts, make sure the voice prompt feature is turned on. Turning the voice prompt on or off To turn voice prompts on In Pairing mode, press and hold the Volume up button for 3 seconds. You will hear "Ready to Pair. Pin code is 0000" repeatedly from your headset. To enter Pairing mode, see page 12. To turn voice prompts off In Pairing mode, press and hold the Volume down button for 3 seconds. With it turned off, the repeated mention is stopped. Changing the language The headset provides the following languages: English and Spanish. The default setting is English. • In Pairing mode, press and hold both volume buttons simultaneously to select a language. 10

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Samsung HM1700 Manual