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Samsung SCH-S720C Manual

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Status Bar The Status Bar shows network and battery status and other details, including these common icons. Airplane Mode Active: All wireless communications are disabled. See "Airplane mode" on page 90. USB Connected: The phone is connected to a computer using a USB cable. System Alert: Check Notifications panel for alerts. Voice Call: A voice call is in progress. Speakerphone: Speakerphone is enabled. Missed Call: Displays when there is a missed call. Battery Level: Shown fully charged. Battery Charging: Battery is charging. Battery Critical: Battery has only three percent power remaining. Charge immediately. GPS E911 Only: E911 location is active (cannot be turned off). See "E911" on page 98. GPS Location Active: One or more GPS location services are active. See "My Location" on page 98. 3G connection: Phone is active on a 3G system. Wi-Fi connection: Phone is connected to a Wi-Fi network. Signal Strength: Current signal strength. The greater the number of bars, the stronger the signal. New Text or Multimedia Message: You have new message(s). New Voicemail: You have new voicemail. A number indicates the number of new messages. Silent mode: All sounds except media and alarms are silenced, and Vibrate is not active. See "Silent mode" on page 93. Vibrate: All sounds are silenced, and Vibrate is active. See "Vibrate" on page 94. SD Card: Memory card ready to Mount/Unmount. Bluetooth Active: Bluetooth is turned on. TTY: TTY Mode is active. 22

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Samsung SCH-S720C Manual