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Samsung SCH-S720C Manual

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Mobile networks Set options for network selection and data services while roaming. Important!: Depending on your service plan, changes you make to Mobile networks settings may incur extra charges. Consult your service provider for more information. Call settings Voicemail Voicemail service By default, calls you do not answer are sent to your carrier's voice mail system. If you subscribe to other voice mail services, you can set the default service. ᮣ 1. From the Home screen, press the Set these options: Menu Key, then From the Home screen, press the Menu Key, then touch Settings ➔ Wireless & networks ➔ Mobile networks. 2. touch Settings ➔ Call settings ➔ Voicemail service. Voicemail • Use packet data: Enable or disable your phone's connection to the mobile data network. When enabled, a check appears in the checkbox. • Data roaming: Enable or disable connection to data services when your device is roaming on another network. • System selected: Select the roaming mode for CDMA networks. - Home only: Restrict your phone to your provider's network. - Automatic: Allow your phone to automatically access a network, based on your service provider's roaming agreements. By default, the speed dial number for calling your carrier's voice mail is *86. You can modify this to set a special speed dial number for accessing voice mail. 1. From the Home screen, press the Menu Key, then touch Settings ➔ Call settings ➔ Voicemail number. 2. Use the touch keypad to modify the default voice mail number, or touch the contact icon to use a number stored as a contact record. Settings 91

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Samsung SCH-S720C Manual