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Samsung SGH-E200 Manual

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Exploded View/Disassembly&Assembly Instructions Description BAG PE CBF INTERFACE-DATA LINK CABLE ADAPTOR-SGHE690,BLK,EU,A_TYPE S/W CD-SGHE200 PC LINK CD UNIT-20P,EARPHONE,BLK,B-TYPE MANUAL-SFC LABEL(P)-BARCODE RUSSIA LABEL(R)-WATER SOAK LABEL(R)-MAIN(SER) MANUAL USERS-EU RUSSIAN BOX-UNIT BOX(SER) CUSHION-CASE(EU) MPR-INSU TAPE MPR-INSU TAPE MPR-TAPE SHEET LABEL MPR-TAPE MAIN WINDOW V2 VINYL-BOHO CAMERA WINDOW VINYL-BOHO MAIN WINDOW Sec Code 6902-000634 GH39-00444A GH44-01361A GH46-00407A GH59-04029A GH68-04336A GH68-08494A GH68-09361A GH68-14021C GH68-14288A GH69-05106B GH69-05109A GH74-29553A GH74-30538A GH74-31820A GH74-32035A GH74-32399A GH74-32939A 5-3 SAMSUNG Proprietary-Contents may change without notice This Document can not be used without Samsung's authorization

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Samsung SGH-E200 Manual