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Sharp LC32SB27U - LC - 32" LCD TV Manual

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LC-32D47U/LC-32SB27U/LC-C3237U MAIN Unit-13 (LC-32SB27U) J MAIN13 (POWER) *R9636 27K CZ [13/14] PQ1LAX95 R9615 5.6K CZ CZ MAIN UNIT 13/14 DUNTKF030WE08 (PWBXF030WJ) P9601 NA181WJ *R9637 10K F CZ IC9603 TO MAIN1(TUNER) A9V A5V A3.3V TO MAIN2(A_TERM) A9V 5V PD I To Power Unit UR13V UR13V UR13V UR13V GND 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 3 On 2 GND 1 Vadj FB9601 A375WJQZ FB9602 A375WJQZ FB9603 A375WJQZ FB9604 A375WJQZ FB9605 A375WJQZ FB9606 A375WJQZ FB9607 A375WJQZ FB9611 A375WJQZ *FB9608 A074WJ FB9609 A074WJ *FB9612 A375WJQZ R9617 33K R9641 2.2K *R9645 1K CZ Vin R9605 5.6K C9603 0.01u 25V CZB CBZ C9607 1000P R9608 10K F R9609 47K R9610 6.8K 4 Vout 5 A5V D3.3V TO MAIN3(AMP_IF) UR13V R9622 4.7K C9615 0.01u 25V CZB CZB C9621 4700P 25V 6 COMP A9V R9625 10K F R9627 27K R9629 4.7K A5V D3.3V H GND GND GND AC_DET/NC PS_ON BU5V C9612 1u 10V KA520WJQZZ 0.796 8 SS 0. 7 EN 6 COMP 5 FB F R9613 4.7K CZ Q9604 RT1N141U VS 8 SS 7 EN 5 FB TO MAIN4(AMP) UR13V F 3.32V 700mA TO MAIN14(SP_IF) 5V D3.3V IC9602 LV5893M GND IC9605 LV5893M D9611 EXA512WJ 4V L9603 15uH PA898WJ GND SW G PNL_ON *FB9610 A074WJ GND_B C9604 0.1u 25V CYB R9602 39 1 2 3 4 L9601 15uH PA898WJ CYB C9616 0.1u 25V Vin BS 1 Vin BS 2 SW BU3.3V 3 4 1.9A,77m D9612 MA111G C9626 10u 16V KZA510WJPZ L9604 100u PA903WHJ TO MAIN5(HDMI_SW1) 5V BU3.3V D3.3V 5.1V 1440mA R9619 C9618 10u 16V KZA510WJPZ D9606 EXA523WJ 5.6V D9607 MA111G C9632 0.01u 39 CZB C9622 1000P R9623 4.7 C9624 D9610 10u D1FS4A 16V VHD KZA510WJPZ 1.9A,77m D9604 D1FH3 C9609 10u 16V KZA510WJPZ C9608 1000P CZB F C9601 1u 10V KZA520WJQZ 3 ON C9606 10u 16V KZA510WJPZ C9611 10u 16V KZA510WJPZ 0.7A,0.5 C9633 10u 16V KZA510WJPZ R9631 1 1/2W TWF R9633 1 1/2W TWF 47k 22k 3 1 CZ R9606 4.7 2 GND *C9628 0.01u TO MAIN6(PANEL) 5V D3.3V IC9608 Nr 1 25V CZB Vout 5 PQ1LA335 VIn GND 2 TCR5SB33 IC9601 1 *R9646 0 CZ TO MAIN10(EPROM) BU3.3V D3.3V CZB 3 Vin 2 GND 1 Vadj On On 4 3 Vout NC E TO MAIN11(EXBUS) Q9608 RN2408 D3.3V 2 C9602 6.3V 4.7u KZA403WJPZ 4 5 C9634 6.3V 4.7u KZA403WJPZ Vin Vout 5 *IC9606 PQ1LA185 4 C9630 1u 10V KZA520WJQZ D9619 MA111G TO MAIN12(CONN) D3.3V BU3.3V BU5V A1.8V 220mA TO MAIN7(UCOM) D D3.3V BU3.3V D9614 MA111G 5V 5V IC9607 VHD AC_DET R9611 DET_13V R9607 47K F 4.7K CZ Q9601 RN4982 5 4 C9613 0.01u CZB R9620 4.7K 25V CZB C9619 4700P 25V R9624 10K F R9626 5.6K F C9629 0.1u 10V CZB 5 MM3441JF C9638 100u 4V ARC TO_MAIN9(DDR) D1.8V 120mA CE NC 4 R9628 330 Sub 6 TO MAIN8(CPU) BU3.3V C NC 6 0.796 6 COMP GND 3 8 SS 7 EN 5 FB D9601 SMPOW VHD MA111G 1 2 3 C9605 0.01u 25V NC C9631 1u 10V KZA520WJQZ PNL_ON D3.3V 400mA 380mA 300mA USB 500mA 1030mA 180mA TO MAIN3(AMP_IF) AC_DET D9615 VHD MA111G Q9603 RN4982 3 D9605 MA111G GND IC9604 LV5893M Vin Vout 7 1 2 A1.8V D1.8V 380mA TO MAIN6(PANEL) B R9601 10K D9613 VHD MA111G *R9644 10K CZ CZ R9603 1K CZ VHD TO MAIN8(CPU) SMPOWHOLD C9614 0.1u 25V CYB D9608 R9612 4.7K 1PS226 2 3 1 R9618 39 R9630 1 1/2W CIL L9602 15uH PA898WJ R9632 1 1/2W TWF D1.8V 5V D1.2V 1 A3.3V 1 2 SW Vin BS 3 4 4 D1.26V 680mA C9625 10u 16V KZA510WJPZ TWF 5 2 3 VHD 6 Q9605 KTC3875SG D9603 MA111G 2 CZ A 6 *Q9607 RN1903 C9610 1u 10V KZA520WJQZ 1 VS R9614 10K F C9617 10u 16V KZA510WJPZ VHD D9609 D1FS4A 1.9A,77m C9623 10u 16V KZA510WJPZ 22k 3 C9627 10u 16V KZA510WJPZ 47k 4 1 R9616 3.9K Q9609 RN2408 D9618 MA111G 5 2 J 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 10 - 27

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Sharp LC32SB27U - LC - 32" LCD TV Manual