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TROUBLESHOOTING Problem The operation panel cannot be used. Point to check Does the message "Call for service. Code:xx-xx*." appear in the touch panel? *Letters and numbers appear in xx-xx. Solution Make sure that the LINE indicator is not lit and that the DATA indicator is not blinking or lit and then switch off the [POWER] key ( ) and the main power switch. Wait at least 10 seconds and then switch the main power switch and the [POWER] key ( ) back on in that order. If the message still appears after switching the [POWER] key ( ) and main power switch off and on several times, it is likely that a failure has occurred that requires service. In this event, stop using the machine, unplug the power plug, and contact your dealer or nearest SHARP Service Department. (When contacting your dealer or nearest SHARP Service Department, inform them of the displayed error code.) Add paper as instructed by the message in the touch panel. When toner runs low, a message will appear to inform you that the toner cartridge must be replaced. To replace the toner cartridge, see "MAINTENANCE" (page 1-55) in "1. BEFORE USING THE MACHINE". Remove the misfeed as instructed by the message in the touch panel. ☞ REMOVING MISFEEDS (page 8-2) When the output tray becomes full, a detector activates and stops printing. Remove the output from the tray and resume printing. Replace the waste toner box as instructed by the message in the touch panel. ☞ 1. BEFORE USING THE MACHINE "MAINTENANCE" (page 1-55) Check the Paper Tray Settings and see if checkmarks appear in the checkboxes of each mode (Feeding Approved Job). Functions without a checkmark cannot be used for printing using that tray. ➞ System Settings > "Paper Tray Settings" > "Tray Settings" > "Change" > (Each mode) The correct original size cannot be detected if the original is curled or folded. Straighten the original. Original sizes smaller than 5-1/2" x 8-1/2" (A5) cannot be detected. Enter the original size manually. When scanning a small original on the document glass, it is convenient to place a blank sheet of paper on top of the original which is the same size (8-1/2" x 11" (A4), 8-1/2" x 11"R (B5), etc.) as the paper that you wish to use for printing. When loading paper in the bypass tray, be sure to pull out the extension to enable the paper size to be detected correctly. Printing is not possible or stops during a job. Is a tray out of paper? Is the machine out of toner? Has a paper misfeed occurred? Is the output tray full? Is the waste toner box full? In the Paper Tray Settings of the system settings, are restrictions placed on the trays that can be used in each mode (copy, print, fax, Internet fax, and document filing)? The original size is not automatically selected or the wrong size is selected. Is the original curled or folded? Did you place an original smaller than 5-1/2" x 8-1/2"(A5) size? The displayed bypass tray paper size is not correct. Is the bypass tray extension pulled out? 8-38 Contents

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Sharp MX-2600N Manual